• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Nigerian boys urged to shun pressure of drug abuse

UNODC, DIG gngage Ebonyi youth on dangers of drug abuse

Young people, especially boys, have been advised to reject pressure related to drug abuse as its immediate allure carries severe physical, psychological, economic, and social consequences.

Chairman International Visitor Leadership Programme Alumni Association of Nigeria (IVLPAAN), a United States Exchange Programme association, Board of Trustees and Deputy Commandant, Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Lagos Command, Lambert Nor, gave the advice at a one-day forum organised by IVLPAAN in Lagos under the theme, ‘The conversation: An open talk with boys’ to mark the 2024 International Day of the Boy Child.

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Lambert Nor defined drug abuse as when one takes drug outside medical prescription with the purpose of having pleasure.

According to him: “There are consequences for doing this. Some of them are physical, psychological, economic and social. So don’t ever start, no matter the attraction. Some will say it will help you to read well. It is a lie. It does not help but give you a habit that will kill you.

“Drugs are very serious, apart from damaging your future or destroying your destiny, it damages every other person that is associated with you. When anyone approaches you to take them, resist it. Once you recognise that it is a drug, don’t take it. Learn to say no politely because it destroys one’s future.’’

Also speaking on the topic, ‘Crafting a well-rounded boy: preparation for a life of optimal performance and continuous growth,’ one of the speakers at the forum which took place at Lagos City Senior College Yaba, Finbarr Aniekeme urged the boys to strive for excellence and steer clear of negative influences.

On his part, Shola Owonikoko, who spoke on “Guiding boys through adolescence: Self-development principles and the perils of cybercrime,” affirmed that every individual has the potential for greatness regardless of his background.

Explaining further he said: “You can be whatever you choose to be, either good or bad, but becoming the good part is profitable. That you were not born with a silver spoon does not mean you cannot be anywhere you want in the world. Your background is not enough to limit you from becoming what you want to be. Education is the best thing you can spend your time doing now because it structures your life and configures your mind.’’

Owonikoko also urged them to shun cultism, betting, drug use and cybercrime while noting that it was capable of limiting their future.

While providing insights into the topic, ‘Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment: The psychological blueprint for boyhood,’ Maymunah Kadiri advised the students against being a second version of others.

Kadiri, who is a medical practitioner, encouraged the young ones not to change for anybody, adding “never be a second version of anybody. Always be the best. You are special and the very best.”

Also speaking on the topic, ‘Cultivating domestic and social etiquette: essential skills for a fulfilling boyhood,’ Saudat Salami admonished the students on time management.

She enlightened the teenage folks on the importance of building leadership skills and setting examples as a leader.

“In Nigeria, we have spent much time grooming female children as wives. You must also be a male material for the woman you marry in the future. It is not only about your education but also your leadership skills. A leader sets an example and is responsible and respectful. You also have to be responsible on social media.’’

Commenting on the programme, president, IVLP Alumni Association, Adedayo Oketola, said, “In social intervention, much attention has been directed towards empowering women and girls due to the historical neglect they have endured.

“However, there’s been a noticeable gap in support for young boys. In addressing one issue, we’ve inadvertently left another unattended hence, the empowerment of boys.’’