• Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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More women to attain leadership roles as LeaderX, Tech group partner on upskill

More women to attain leadership roles as LeaderX, Tech group partner on upskill

More women are expected to man leadership positions in the near future as LeaderX, a pioneering personal development and leadership company, has announced an exclusive partnership with Women in Tech (WIT), a global advocacy group with presence in over 100 countries to deepen efforts to help professionals and progressive individuals accelerate their leadership competence in all areas of their lives.

The both organisations through the partnership will equip women with global-standard technological skills, particularly through WIT’s VBank- Women in Tech Nigeria Makeathon programme.

This collaboration aims to enhance the leadership capabilities and workplace readiness skills of at least 1500 Nigerian women, positioning them to succeed in the fast-paced tech industry.

Launched in June 2022, LeaderX has revolutionised personal transformation through its cutting-edge mobile application.

The app delivers a daily dose of curated leadership content, offering bite-sized lessons, insights from world-class leaders, productivity tools, and more. Helping professionals and organizations develop leadership competence in a non-traditional approach, in real time, on the go, anywhere, anytime.

Addressing the challenges of time, sustenance, access and finance that inhibit alot of professionals and organizations alike from developing their leadership effectiveness.

With a commitment to inspiring individuals and organisations alike, LeaderX has already made a significant impact on many professionals and organizations.

Women in Tech, on the other hand, has been a frontrunner in bridging the gender gap in the tech sector in Nigeria. The VBank WITN Makeathon 2.0 is its second edition of empowering countless young women to develop their technical expertise while fostering an environment of creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Through the previous edition, participants gained valuable hands-on experience and have gone on with that confidence to pursue rewarding careers in technology.

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The partnership between LeaderX and Women in Tech brings together two entities with a shared vision: empowering young women to become future leaders in the tech field. By combining LeaderX’s expertise in personal development with WIT’s dedication to fostering tech skills, this collaboration aims to create a comprehensive platform that will accelerate the growth of aspiring female tech leaders.

“We are delighted to partner with Women in Tech to amplify our mission of empowering individuals to reach their full leadership potential,” said Kemi Ogunkoya, CEO of LeaderX. “By combining our unique resources with WIT’s experience in teaching young women tech skills, we can inspire a new generation of female leaders who will shape the future of the technology space in Nigeria and beyond.”

Solape Akinpelu, Country Manager, Women in Tech Nigeria, and CEO, HerVest, a women-focused and inclusive fintech platform, expressed her delight about the collaboration, stating, “Partnering with LeaderX allows us to provide our participants with invaluable personal development resources in addition to the technical skills they acquire during the VBank Women in Tech Makeathon 2.0. We believe this partnership will enable us to create a transformative experience that prepares young women for leadership roles in the tech world.”

Through this partnership, LeaderX and Women in Tech will collaborate to integrate LeaderX’s leadership content that range from character, competence, and mindset development, to lifestyle, communication and other lifelong skills into WIT’s programs, providing young women across rural and urban areas of Nigeria with holistic learning opportunities.

As LeaderX and Women in Tech combine their strengths, they are positioned to make a profound impact on the lives of young women, empowering them to excel in the tech industry and become influential leaders of tomorrow.