• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Kemi Ogunkoya bridges leadership skills gap with new app

Kemi Ogunkoya bridges leadership skills gap with new app

Kemi Ogunkoya, the founder/chief executive officer of LeaderX, and a renowned leadership development strategist has launched a new app in a bid to bridge leadership skills gaps in Nigeria and across the world.

Ogunkoya, speaking during the launch of the app in Lagos said LeaderX is a leadership lifestyle development app, which helps people develop the lifestyle of leadership.

According to the serial leadership management consultant the app is designed to address the basic challenges of time, finance, and access to acquiring leadership skills as users can access the apps with a click on their phone buttons, at any convenient time for them, and at little or no cost.

Throwing more light on the idea behind the app, she said a lot of people believe that if they develop their leadership skills, it develops every area of their lives.

“About 90 percent of people believe that when they develop their leadership skills it will help them become better. Despite this realisation, there were still leadership gaps. 77 percent organisations believe that there is a leadership gap, and only about 5 percent of organisations have been able to deploy organisation wide development programs,” she said.

With these insights, Ogunkoya said she and her team thought of what to do differently and were able to identify and proffer solutions to the three major challenges limiting people from accessing leadership skills which include time, finance, and access.

“Time because we live in a peculiar era, where everyone is busy and it’s difficult for people to make time for themselves. Finance because leadership development is very expensive either personally or organisation-wide.

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“There are leadership development interventions that cost between $1000 to $15,000. For this reason, a number of people are unable to access leadership development. The last one is accessing; by access, it means access to quality leadership programs,” Ogunkoya noted.

Ogunkoya explained that LeaderX is helping bridge the gap in leadership skills and getting to where people are.

“We have developed a product people can carry anywhere, so that time is not a challenge anymore because, with leader X, you can develop your leadership skill in a sustainable and consistent manner.

“Access is no longer a problem, you have it right in your pocket and you can access it anytime, on-demand, on the go, and in real-time. Finance is no longer a problem too because you don’t have to use the bank,” she said.

The content of the app includes daily quotes and lessons on leadership, nuggets for reflection and affirmations, Classes taken by leadership experts across the world, music to help boost productivity, articles written by leadership experts, book summaries, and leadership games amongst others.

She mentioned that the app has the basic package and the plus package; which is a paid package. “We are also doing this in line with the Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that there is a level of inclusiveness across people they are able to reach,” she said.

Ogunkoya, who has worked in the leadership development space for over a decade now, stressed that there are leadership gaps either in people’s personal life or professional lives that need to be addressed.

“LeaderX is not just for young people, young people are drawn towards it. But the app is available for users aged 15 and above. The only requirement is having a mobile device. The user interface is very seamless. People can get to the app irrespective of their age, colour, and gender. Everyone will find something in LeaderX,” she added.