• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Medlin Couture CEO shares tips on succeeding in fashion industry

Medlin Couture CEO shares tips on succeeding in fashion industry

Mimi Yina, the chief executive officer of Medlin Couture has shared some tips on how to be successful in the fashion industry.

According to her, starting a fashion business or opening a boutique entails a combination of hard work, patience, passion and lots of creativity, adding that it would be a dream come true for any fashion designer to see his or her masterpiece featured in a fashion show or sold out in the market.

“It’s not an easy job. It’s a lot of hard work. It’s very tasking. One needs patience. You have to be very humble because you are rendering services. No egos at all. You have to have passion for it. Don’t see it as an instant money-making venture.

“You have to know how to manage people because when you are styling you get to deal with different characters. You have to be consistent and you have to be creative and innovative. The industry is saturated, so what will stand you out is your uniqueness. You always need to think outside the box, you can’t do what everybody is doing,” she explained.

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She said Medlin is known for creating unique and classy outfits and has been able to worm her way into the hearts of many top celebrities with beautiful outfits.

Speaking on what stands her out amongst other fashion entrepreneurs, she said: “I don’t compromise on quality. Over time people have told me that the way I am going I won’t make money because the money I sometimes use in purchasing one thing I can use it to bring in a container of clothes. But the truth is, anything I can’t wear, I can’t sell to people. That’s who I am.

“Everything I sell reflects my personality. I have class, and people know whatever you are buying from Medlin must be classy. I will never compromise on my quality because I want to make extra money. If you are styled by Medlin, once you step into a place, they will know. Medlin Woman can dress anyhow she likes, she will still be classy. We can keep it sexy and casual, you will still have that touch of class.”