• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Lagos to supermarkets: Display product price or shutdown


The Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency has instructed supermarkets and grocery stores in the state to display prices on their products, warning that stores that do not follow the law risk being fined or shut down.

This is according to a statement posted on the official website of the Lagos State Government on Saturday.

It read, “The Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency has issued a stern warning to supermarkets and grocery stores within the state regarding the non-disclosure of price tags on products.

“LASCOPA’s warning aims to ensure transparency and protect consumers from potential price exploitation as non-disclosure of price tags can lead to misunderstandings and inconvenience at the point of sale.”

In the statement, Afolabi Solebo, LASCOPA’s General Manager, said that the absence of price tags is a violation of consumer rights and the Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency Law.

He stated that without clear price tags, shoppers cannot compare prices or make informed choices about their groceries,
adding that such practices contradict the Consumer Protection Act, which mandates the clear display of prices for goods and services.

The statement also stated, “Solebo maintained that failure to comply with the law will result in fines in accordance with consumer protection laws, adding that the agency will not hesitate to seal erring supermarkets over non-disclosure of price tags on products on shelves.

“He urged consumers to report any instances of noncompliance to LASCOPA ”

In February the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission sealed Sahad Store, a popular supermarket in the Garki area of Abuja, for lack of transparency in the way it fixed prices for products.