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Is Chinese loan better than Maina’s $10b gift?

Is Chinese loan better than Maina’s $10b gift?

AT a time the National Assembly has reportedly approved another $5billion foreign loan for President Muhammadu Buhari, one remembers Mallam Abdulrasheed Maina, the former Chairman of the Pension Reform Task Team, PRTT, who offered to recover $10 billion for Nigeria in 30 days.

Maina made his offer over a year ago. The Federal Government had no response to Maina, who is currently serving a jail term in Kuje. His only condition for the 1 October 2020 offer was that he wanted to deal directly with President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure the funds would not be re-looted.

He had failed to appear in court on September 29 and 30. His further court misses on October 2 and 19 made Justice Okon Abang to revoke his bail.

Justice Abang sent former Senate Majority Leader, Ali Ndume to the Kuje Correctional Centre, where he was kept until Maina was found. This gives you an idea of how important Maina is.

Maina had proposed that the $10 billion he would recover could be used to fix infrastructure, ameliorate costs of fuel subsidy, and electricity tariff. Are they not what we still need? Can we see how much Maina loves Nigeria?

Maina was allegedly sacked in 2014 for absconding from duty while he was being investigated. He returned to the country in 2017 and got back to service, some say he was promoted.

Those who know Maina are surprised that he is on jail. You could shout it is proof that the anti-corruption war is still in range. Maina and his people see things differently.

“My client was never sacked. He only went into hiding because of his dear life as a result of the pension fraud syndicate from whom he had recovered millions of Naira from and his planned effort to expose them. Among them are members of the National Assembly and some top retired civil servants and politicians who have continued to benefit illegally from pension fraud in the country for several decades,” his counsel alleged before a House of Representatives hearing.

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With Maina possibilities abound, all pointing to oscillating interest in prosecuting him, just as nobody was interested in his offer to recover $10 billion for a country that slips in and out of recession with ease.

Maina is in Kuje. Is it not easier to discuss his $10 billion gift than shuttling to China for loans? The Chinese are offering loans, Maina’s is a gift made with minimal interest. Is there a difference between Maina’s dollars and the China’s?

Let us imagine fleetingly that Maina wants to pay $10 billion to be let out of prison, how much would Nigeria lose? There is a challenge though.

Maina made his offer over a year ago. He was not convicted then. Now he is serving a term in Kuje will he be willing to give Nigeria free $10 billion?

The Maina $10 billion matter is another example of a debt-ridden Nigeria failing to look inwards for resources it desperately needs. There are more Mainas ready to help Nigeria if someone listens to them.

Nigeria does not need foreign loans – Nigeria needs Mainas.


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Merry Christmas to our readers.