• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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How strong value proposition grew Kenneth’s Nfonex Systems

How strong value proposition grew Kenneth’s Nfonex Systems

Kenneth Osim is an entrepreneur with a difference. His brand name, Nfonex Systems, depicts his love for innovation and technology, which has always been his unique selling point to date.

He has had to brave the odds when times were tough while starting. In those periods, he drew encouragement from the words of Robert Schuller, “that tough times never last but tough people do”.

Today, Kenneth is basking in the euphoria of being the founder of his tech business – Nfonex Systems, a start-up dedicated to delivering tailored, innovative solutions in cloud computing and proprietary software development.

“The inspiration to establish Nfonex Systems came from my background as a cloud infrastructure engineer and seasoned IT professional,” he says.

“Having worked extensively in these roles, I observed a critical gap in the industry. This realization fuelled my ambition to create Nfonex Systems,” he notes.

As part of an effort to hone his skills and better position himself in the industry, Kenneth is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree programme in Business Information Technology at Edinburgh Napier University in the UK, specialising in information security management systems, agile & scrum methodologies, IT governance, and knowledge management.

“I am fuelled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, which drives me to constantly push the boundaries of technological advancement,” the young entrepreneur says.

He explains that in his journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur, he had invested in the growth of several individuals pursuing careers in cybersecurity, cloud computing, technical support and UI/UX design, helping them enhance their existing skill sets.

All of these efforts have culminated in what his business is enjoying today, getting good reviews from satisfied clients.

Nfonex Systems has grown substantially since its inception and has consistently delivered high-quality services to clients.

“Since the inception of Nfonex Systems, our business has experienced substantial growth. We have also grown significantly in our workforce; we started with four employees and now have a team of over twenty highly skilled professionals,” he says.

“Financially, our revenue has seen consistent year-over-year growth, and we have been able to reinvest in our company to improve our services and capabilities,” he adds.

Speaking on what Nfonex Systems is doing differently, he says its unwavering commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and quality sets the business apart from its peers.

“When we say quality, we mean not only in our services but also in our relationships with our clients and our dedication to meeting their unique needs and exceeding their expectations,” he explains.

“My team and I are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to provide cutting-edge solutions that truly stand out in the market,” he notes.

Kenneth says the tech organisation plans to expand into new markets in Africa and globally as well as diversify its product portfolio in the short run and long run.

He adds that the business is exploring partnerships and collaborations with other industry players that align with its growth objectives.

On how the business is surviving the accelerating inflation, the techpreneur says the business has constantly fine-tuned its pricing approach to protect its profitability and maintain competitive pricing.

“We understand the impact of inflation on our costs and profit margins, and we have had to implement pricing strategies that factor in anticipated inflation rates,” he says.

“We also focused on offering additional value to justify price increases for our customers. This includes enhanced services such as personalised support, discounts, and flexible payment plans,” he explains.

“Another crucial strategy has been optimising operational efficiency to mitigate cost inefficiencies,” he adds.

Speaking on the challenges the business faced, he says getting customers to trust the business and establishing a solid reputation within the industry were the hurdles that confronted the business in its early days.

According to him, Nfonex Systems was able to deal with the challenges by prioritising transparency and reliability in all its processes and consistently delivering on its promises to clients while actively seeking feedback.

“This helped us to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients.”

In evaluating Nigeria’s tech industry and where opportunities lie, he says despite the numerous challenges affecting the tech space in Nigeria, the IT sector is filled with opportunities.

“We have witnessed a rise in successful tech startups originating from Nigeria, particularly in fintech (e.g., Opay, Piggyvest), e-commerce, and food delivery services (e.g., Chowdeck), all showing significant promise. However, I believe the greatest opportunities lie in the IT solutions and cloud computing sectors.”

On his advice to other businesses, he says “Go all in; the most successful people I know are the ones who not only have a big vision but also put their passion into everything they do.”

“Keep learning. Embrace every opportunity to learn from others, whether through formal programs or informal networks of fellow entrepreneurs and industry experts,” he advises.

“Take calculated risks and approach all risks with informed decisions. Also, embrace innovation, persistence, and a customer-centric mindset. Lastly, surround yourself with a diverse team whose skills complement your own, and remain agile in responding to market changes,” he adds.