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How Morgan builds successful health, beauty business

How Morgan builds successful health, beauty business

Kenneth Morgan is a health and beauty products distributor. He has been in the business of impacting lives and empowering people’s well-being through financial freedom, and leverage for many years.

Morgan attended Auchi Polytechnic and the University of Ibadan where he studied Accounting and Political Science, but chose to invest in the health and beauty business because he discovered that the major challenges people are having are health and finances.

“If you can solve health issues for people, they will be happy and they will also be able to make money for themselves,” he said.

The dynamic and versatile entrepreneur’s goal for venturing into the business is to impact lives and empower people to have financial freedom, through leverage.

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He developed a training and knowledge-sharing mechanism to upskill and equip his colleagues and underline how to thrive in the business.

The former banker said he does not see challenges as challenges per se, according to the serial entrepreneur; challenges are the fuel that drives him to his destination.

He believes that teamwork helps, and collaboration in tackling the supposed challenges inherent in the business.

“I’m a product distributor with Multistream TM Ltd, I left my former network marketing company to join Multistream, in my years of networking marketing,” he said.

The company, he said is committed to helping people to achieve their goals and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

The company treats all kinds of sicknesses of the body with their highly effective naturally and carefully formulated herbal product called Jinja Herbal Extracts with no side effects.

MultiStream allows everyone to make extra money aside his/her job while living a healthy life and also helping those around him/her to stay healthy.

He sees the business becoming number one in the MLM business in the next five years. To achieve this, he is continuously recruiting and training.

To younger entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the business, Morgan advised them to add network marketing to their endeavours.

“Everyone should add network marketing to their learning experience. It has changed my life.

Besides, they should keep gridding, network marketing business is not perfect, but simply the best for everyone, low startup capital, no rent or other issues, you have everything made for you,” he said.