• Friday, July 19, 2024
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How Checkit is helping African businesses succeed – CEO


Fara Popoola, CEO of Checkit, has disclosed how the supply chain and procurement platform is helping small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) to succeed by bridging their logistics challenges.

“At Checkit, we offer comprehensive supply chain solutions tailored for African SMEs, including global sourcing from China, procurement process automation, quality inspection services, inventory management software, sales order processing, and international logistics support,” Popoola said.

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Speaking during a recent media parley, Popoola shared more insight about the company’s newly launched digital platform tagged, ‘Proc360.’ “Proc360 exemplifies our commitment to innovation, providing unmatched transparency, cost-saving features, and a seamless China purchasing experience,” she said.

According to her, Checkit is committed to empowering SMEs across Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, and other African nations, leveraging Proc360 as a pioneer in streamlining the China-to-Africa supply chain procurement.

Popoola said that as businesses navigate the complexities of modern global supply chain, Proc360’s innovative solutions pave the way for African enterprises to unlock new growth opportunities. She disclosed further that the platform complements its sourcing capabilities with customer support and open communication throughout the entire procurement lifecycle.

Michael Adisa, the chief technology officer, Checkit, said the recent launch of Proc360 marked a significant milestone for the company. He disclosed further that the platform is using tech to make global sourcing accessible and efficient for small businesses with real-time tracking of their orders.

“Our goal is to leverage user-friendly technology to solve real-world procurement challenges faced by African businesses. With Proc360, we’ve developed a secure, intuitive platform that simplifies the entire sourcing process,” Adisa said.

According to him, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of supply chain management solutions, including global sourcing from China, procurement software for purchase order processing, supplier quality audits, inventory control systems, sales order management, and international freight forwarding services.

“Seeing businesses embrace the solution and witnessing the positive impact it brought, it solidified our belief that we were on the right path. The success stories from our clients, from reduced procurement costs to faster delivery times, are a testament to the value Proc360 brings,” Adisa said.