• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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HealthPlus launches Nigeria’s first digital ePharmacy

HealthPlus launches Nigeria’s first digital ePharmacy

HealthPlus Limited, the fastest-growing pharmacy chain across West Africa is set to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry with the launch of Nigeria’s first e-Pharmacy.

With the digital ePharmacy, Nigerians can also now access a pharmacist instantly at a click.

Through the digitization of the Pharmacy and retail services, HealthPlus will now be transformed into a fully automated one-stop shop for pharmacy, telemedicine, laboratory, and beauty consultation Services.

From the fully automated and interactive website, Nigerians can now access all the pharmacy services and consult a doctor right from the comfort of their homes or a click from their mobile phones.

“We noticed a significant surge in online Pharmacy orders, and many customers organically resort to purchasing medicines online and getting them delivered at home. It is now considered not just the more convenient option, but the safer option as well,” said Chidi Okoro, chief transformation officer of HealthPlus Nigeria Limited.

HealthPlus’ first ePharmacy is in response to this shift and gives Nigerians quicker access to the country’s best pharmaceutical care, he said.

HealthPlus’ ePharmacy aims to deliver a user-friendly, all-inclusive online experience that provides access to professional health care services using any device. HealthPlus ePharmacy is truly a ‘one-stop shop’ experience for health care services including telemedicine and laboratory services in partnership with healthcare providers such as MeCure.

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“We intend to become the leading point of care for medicine use review, prescriptions management, and pharmacist consultation services, by providing seamless end-to-end user experience,” Okoro said while explaining the specialist nature of the ePharmacy platform.

“We will also be constantly updating our content with helpful information, articles, blogs, newsletters, and company announcements,” he said.

Amongst the new features, such as the “Speak To A Pharmacist” chat button on the site, the ePharmacy platform is interactive and gives better access to foster improved communication with our patients and customers. ‘

Afsane Jetha, CEO of Alta Semper Capital LLP, HealthPlus’s private equity investment partner, believes that this is another great stride in improving healthcare delivery in Nigeria by providing access to high-quality yet affordable medical and beauty supplies through a new and innovative platform.

“We remain strongly committed to supporting the company strategically and financially in the years to come,” she assured.

HealthPlus ePharmacy service is offering its customers a 40percent discount on selected items, as a special introductory gesture.