• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Google rolls out ‘Kiddle’- a new search engine for kids

Google has introduced a new friendly search engine for children, called, Kiddle. The device will ease parents’worries over their kids and the use of internet, and also give kids unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.
Most children these days cannot do without surfing the net, especially in an Internet savvy environment, where they are exposed to explicit pornography, offensive languages, violent images or gore, and all kinds of malicious contents or just simply distraction from what they should be doing, like homework.
Parents begin to worry how to keep track on what their children should see or not see and how best they could block those nasty websites. But they need not worry anymore, as Google seems to have brought a lasting solution, through this safe site.
The new search engine allows kids to search the web, look for images, news and videos. Kiddle also works like the normal Google. Once a kid enters a query to search the bar, Kiddle will bring out a list of all related links without any explicit content, for instance, if a kid types in the phrase, ‘obscene’ an angry robot will pop up with this message, “Oops, looks like your query contained some bad words. Please try again!
The site has large Arial fronts in the search results for better readability for kids and it also does not collect any personally identifiable information and its logs are deleted every 24 hours.
To further assure parents and guardians that the site is safe and solely designed for kids, the website states,“Since Kiddle results are either handpicked and checked by our editors or filtered by Google safe search, you know you get kid-oriented results without any explicit content. In case, some bad words are present in a search query, our guard robot will block the search.”
In addition to this, parents can add extra search terms they don’t want their kids to use to a list, and they can also request to block a site they feel is not suitable for children.