• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Erewa-Meggison emerges MANEG’s new chairman

Odiri Erewa-Meggison

Odiri Erewa-Meggison, external affairs director at British American Tobacco Nigeria and West Central Africa has been announced as the new acting chairman of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Export Promotion Group (MANEG).

The appointment of Odiri Erewa-Meggison comes six months after she joined MANEG as the vice-chairman, according to a recent statement.

“With this new role, she will spearhead the association’s efforts to promote and enhance the export capabilities of Nigerian manufacturers on both domestic and international platforms,” it said.

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Segun Ajayi Kadir, director general of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) congratulated the new chair while expressing confidence that the new leadership will drive export improvement activities towards achieving its mandate.

“MAN has a multitude of tasks at hand, which is why there is a dedicated structure solely focused on addressing the concerns of each member. Rest assured, every member will receive the necessary support they require,” he said.

He added that the need for MANEG to ensure that all the issues related to exports are professionally addressed to encourage competitiveness so that goods that traded in the continental market are produced on the continent.

On her part, Erewa-Meggison said she was honoured and excited to assume the role of chairman.

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“I firmly believe that Nigeria has immense potential to become a major player in the global export market. My goal is to work collaboratively with industry stakeholders to create a favorable ecosystem that empowers Nigerian manufacturers to expand their reach and compete effectively on a global scale,” she said.

According to Erewa-Meggison, it is imperative to properly position MANEG for such herculean tasks of managing additional members, bridging the gap, and being ready to make sure that there is free movement of goods which will enhance the export portfolio of the larger economy.

The new chairman was also recently announced as an associate of the Institute of Directors (IoD) Nigeria.

In attendance at the ceremony of MANEG’s new leadership transition were executive members of MANEG and some key members of the larger body of the MAN.