• Friday, February 23, 2024
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Ecofitness Hub expands operation to promote wellness, leisure experience

Ecofitness Hub expands operation to promote wellness, leisure experience

As part of efforts to redefine the fitness and lifestyle landscape in Nigeria, Ecofitness Hub, a wellness and leisure brand, has expanded its operations with the launch of a new facility in Abuja.

The facility is equipped with cutting-edge eco-friendly fitness equipment, a therapeutic spa lounge, delightful restaurant options, energising café experiences, and thrilling karaoke pods.

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The launch held recently represents a bold step towards enhancing the well-being of individuals while offering an unparalleled leisure experience. It promotes a holistic approach to wellness and leisure, through a diverse range of services.

Speaking at the launch, Lanre Akinmusire, chief executive officer of Ecofitness Hub, said the brand will revolutionise the wellness and leisure industry in Nigeria.

According to him, the facility is not merely a fitness centre but rather a comprehensive eco-friendly destination where individuals can experience the synergy of a healthy lifestyle.

On three key trends that are driving the desire for fitness and healthy living, Akinmusire said people are recognising the importance of holistic wellness, and seeking comprehensive solutions for physical, mental, and emotional health.

He said urbanisation is driving demand for fitness facilities in Nigerian cities which has opened a space for stress management through fitness and relaxation.

According to him, digital health tools like fitness apps and wearables are gaining popularity and social media’s influence is inspiring fitness engagement and community building.

“These trends, he said, show why many Nigerians are now placing a higher value on their fitness, health and well-being, this shift is contributing to healthier lifestyles and improved quality of life,” he said.

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Akinmusire further said the Abuja outlet is designed to resonate with the well-being aspirations of people, and it goes beyond just serving individuals.

“Our approach is to extend reach to corporate bodies including banks, HMOs, insurance companies, and more. Our commitment is to consistently create an environment that aligns with the healthy lifestyle preferences of everyone,” he said.