• Monday, April 22, 2024
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Dr Yetty Ogunnubi, CEO, YD limited: Providing exceptional client service, creative expertise, and a commitment to excellence

Dr Yetty Ogunnubi, CEO, YD limited: Providing exceptional client service, creative expertise, and a commitment to excellence

Dr Yetty Ogunnubi is the CEO of YD Limited, an award-winning PR and brand management agency. With over 19 years experience in Public Relations and brand management, she is highly reputed as one of Nigeria’s top business development, PR, and marketing experts. Yetty as she’s fondly called, is a household name in the fashion, arts, and corporate sectors, offering services on image branding, project management and event coordination. She has successfully executed publicity campaigns for a diverse portfolio of clientele, including SMEs, corporations, and governments. The indefatigable Yetty has also organized fashion and corporate exhibitions and press conferences, enhancing the visibility and reputation of emerging and established brands.

What would you describe as the greatest passion that has brought you this far in your career?

My greatest passion lies in my dedication to excellence and desire to make a positive impact in the field of Public Relations and Brand management. I am driven by the opportunity to help businesses and individuals enhance their brands, connect with their target audiences, and elevate their visibility.

The mission of YD Limited (The YD Company) is to provide exceptional PR and brand management services that deliver tangible results for our clients. Our vision is to be a leading agency known for exceptional client service, creative expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day 2024 is, Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress, to achieve the theme, education, empowerment, inclusive policies, financial support, and cultural shifts are key strategies needed to promote gender equality and women’s advancement in the country.

Positive discrimination initiatives, also known as affirmative action, can be effective in addressing systemic inequalities and creating a more equitable society. However, clear criteria and safeguards must be in place to ensure fair implementation.

Challenges to implementing affirmative action include cultural and societal barriers, lack of political will, and structural obstacles that hinder women’s representation in leadership roles.

How do you manage your home, and office as well as other social responsibilities and still be able to maintain a successful career?

Balancing home, work, and social responsibilities as a career woman requires prioritization, effective time management, building a strong support system, self-care, flexibility, and a commitment to balance. As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, my advice for girl child and women is to empower themselves through education, raise their voices, support each other, break barriers, and advocate for gender equality to reach their full potential.