• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Christians urged to witness hope to Nigerians in despair

Christians urged to witness hope to Nigerians in despair

Nigerian Christians have been urged to look beyond the current economic reality in their bid to witness hope to the world in despair amid socio-economic challenges.

“Our duty is to somehow make people feel the earth shaking event of Jesus rising from the dead, that after the great wickedness and injustice of Good Friday, God made Easter Sunday to occur. We need to make people see that the same is possible in their condition. This is the audacity of hope in Nigeria,” Emmanuel Badejo, Catholic bishop of Oyo diocese, stated in his Easter message.

According to him, Christians must help people realise that the suffering of a just man, just like Jesus suffered on the cross, is far from being futile, but always faithful. He stated further that such belief will bring succour and salvation to many currently suffering from their load of sin. “That is the same as saying that the cross Christians carry will always lead to a crown.”

The Catholic bishop of Oyo stated further that Christian faithful must find a way of making the mood of Easter reach all the nooks and crannies of their world and environment. “This is where Jesus needs all who feel the resurrection joy and life to witness his power and victory.

Does this not mean that all of us Christians have a huge task to reenact the resurrection all around us?

“The resurrection of Jesus means life, joy, victory, freedom, justice, forgiveness, compassion and peace. It means that no situation is too hopeless for God to turn around. Unfortunately, not all of us can feel it,” he stated.

According to him, the risen Jesus has conquered sin and death, and is alive. He stated further that Nigerians are currently bereaved, deprived, while many are in captivity, sick, hungry and hopeless.

“Jesus is risen; but how much joy can people have when they are under terrorist attacks, bombardment at war or even in the den of kidnappers? What is the meaning of victory and justice for those who cannot afford a decent meal in a day or who, though sick, have no means with which to care for themselves? How can prisoners, destitutes and the abandoned feel the power of the resurrection?”