• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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AI, robotics gain momentum in energy sector – Esien

AI, robotics gain momentum in energy sector – Esien

The utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and robotics in the energy sector is gaining momentum, with the increasingly intensive search for suitable, high-quality, and trustworthy solutions that displayed promising results.

Akpabio Esien, Corporate Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager of Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG), said this at the 10th Edition, of safety ASSP professional development conference & exposition held physically at the Sheraton Hotel Ikeja, Lagos.

Essien said: “AI can be viewed as describing the goal of making computers solve problems like human beings would. Within the vast field of AI, machine learning tools of digitalisation, this will play a vital role in redesigning future energy systems and the energy system supply chain from accurate forecasting and planning of non-programmable renewable energy sources, grid operation and optimisation, demand-side management, and automated intelligent fault detection.”

According to him, every sector is evolving with the use of digital technology, and the oil and gas industry is beginning to see increasing use of it as AI continues to shape the face of the energy sector.

“Application of digital technology in the workers’ safety space will only grow especially if it is increasingly used in the energy sector, Nigeria LNG is improving its supply chain by employing digital strategies using smart-tech and smart designing digital models.

“In achieving Goal zero, there is no one-sized solution to it. However, academic recipients have a role to play in observing and analysing current efforts and participating in the development of the innovative solution, likewise informing the industry of its success, failure, and contextual drivers, in order to make decisions on which technology will be suitable in the management process,” he said.

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Furthermore, research shows that AI exists in all aspects of the energy system, from retail, distribution, transmission, and generation. Nonetheless, digitalisation is like reducing operational costs by up to 25 percent and increasing performance by 20 percent to 40 percent in certain aspects such as safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction related to utilities.

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