• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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G-Five enters Africa’s tech space to ease employers’ recruitment needs

G-Five enters Africa’s tech space to ease employers’ recruitment needs

Determined to provide employers easy access to talents needed to meet their business goals, G-Five by Gebeya has launched an AI-powered recruitment platform in Africa.

The new platform, which is out to revolutionise recruitment processes by using technology to save time and money, will also provide employers access to the top five tech talents in Africa.

Amadou Daffe, co-founder of the G-Five by Gebeya, said in the dynamic tech landscape of Africa, businesses need efficient and innovative platforms to source top talents which the G-Five platform offers.

Daffe said the platform is a game-changer because it is engineered to save up to 70 percent of employment recruitment time, adding that it offers an unmatched blend of quality, efficiency, and affordability.

“Our AI matching engine will match the employer with the top five best-fitting tech talents with ease. These are professionals whose skills, experiences, and aspirations are in perfect harmony with your requirements,” he said.

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Daffe said the platform provides access to seasoned professionals from across the continent that is skilled across the entire tech spectrum.

He said they include experts from software developers, and UI/UX designers to data scientists.

He further disclosed that the platform provides employers with an unmatched experience in efficiency as it helps them gain access to test scores, experience, and contact details of talents they intend to recruit ensuring they receive comprehensive insights and unmatched value just with a $50 investment.

On his part, Hiruy Amanuel, co-founder of the company, said G-Five’s AI matching engine understands the context and nuance of talent requests, ensuring not just a skill fit but also an 80 percent cultural alignment guarantee.

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He said the platform also dives deeper than ever before and finds candidates that truly resonate with the employers’ company.

Amanuel further said that going beyond mere keyword matching, every tech professional on the platform has undergone rigorous vetting, which helps employers save time on sifting through countless resumes, ensuring that only the best are a part of our database.

“Beyond recruitment, we offer comprehensive talent management. We manage the talent on your behalf, ensuring their skills remain sharpened and evolve with your needs,” he said.