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Access to buyers: exporters’ nightmare solved in PH

Access to buyers: exporters’ nightmare solved in PH

Any budding exporter dreads many things in the export value chain but the biggest fear is how to get buyers. There are other issues such as how much is needed as startup capital, sources of funds, source of product, the numerous documentation processes, knowing the banned list of export products, certification of the products to avoid rejection in foreign lands, etc.

This could be non-oil export looks daring to most Nigerians, except one is well trained and mentored.

Now, the Nigerian Export Promotions Council (NEPC) has taken up the task of breaking the fears along the value chain. They bring topmost experts each time to drill exporters and budding ones on each segment, hoping that when these joints are overhauled, the budding exporter would gain knowledge and experience to do first export transaction.

Thus, it was that 48 hours after teaching exporters in the agro-value chain how to battle against what causes most rejection abroad: mycotoxins and aflatoxins contamination in the soil, and how to get aflaSafe produced with license by the US Agric agency and IITA in Ibadan, the NEPC moved to teach how to access buyers around the world.

The workshop titled: ‘Accessing International Market Using the International Trade Centre Verification Trade Tools’ was held at Juanita Hotels in Mzimiro area of the old government reserved area (GRA-1).

The super-active South-South Zonal Coordinator, Joe Itah, explained the essence of the workshop said participating in international market is of critical importance to the economic development of Nigeria as it allows us to tap from existing global shares.

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He said the workshop is to create awareness on the use of digital marketing as a tool for accessing international market, especially as the knowledge would afford exporters first-hand market intelligence in order to take informed decisions on what product to focus on, and which market has demand for them.

Giving full credit to the CEO of NEPC, Ezra Yakusak (PhD), the zonal coordinator relied on empirical experiences to state that export business is critical to economic development of any nation. “This is because it catalyzes economic growth, creating a strong base for technological development, encourages economic specialisation and attracts high rate of investment.

“No nation can exist by being a consumer without exporting. A country must articulate policies and programmes that support its export business if it wanted to remain relevant.”

Itah said the best known example of countries (apart from US and EU countries) which have repositioned their export sectors for economic prosperity are Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, China, South Africa etc.

He said immense opportunities abound for Nigerian products in the international markets. He reminded the exporters that such opportunities do not remain for too long and must be harvested immediately.

He talked about the quality of the experts on hand and called it a great privilege to hear from them.

He said the NEPC was of the belief that by the time the training was over, and with hands-on or do-it-yourself approach, the exporters would be in better position to engage their thoughts on how to practically advance their quest beyond the hall by taking some positive steps to actualised their export dreams.

He implored them to take advantage of the strategic hints.

Some of the participants especially from the Port Harcourt Exporters Multipurpose Cooperative Society said the training was an advancement and good revision to what they had been told.