• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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5 reasons you may be stuck with ‘swallow’ this Christmas


Jollof rice is bae. It is the top menu every Christmas, and this ‘jollof rice tradition’ has been passed on for years, but this year ‘swallow’ might push Jollof Rice down the rung and become the ‘champion’ dish that will save Christmas.

Nigerians might just be considering ‘swallows’ like Semovita, Garri, Fufu and Amala this Christmas over a dish of Jollof. It is because the price of the ingredients to make a hot pot of this nationally celebrated meal has hit and surpassed the roof-literally.

1. A bag of rice is expensive
A survey collated by BusinessDay for December food prices in 10 markets spread across Lagos in Iddo, Oyingbo, Mile 12, Ketu, Ikeja, Ogba, Bariga, Jakande-Lekki, Ajah, and Mushin markets in Lagos shows the price of a bag of rice has gone up by almost 70% from last year. Shooting up to N60,000 from an average of N34,500 in 2022.

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2. Chicken costs a lot of money
The average price of a 10kg carton of frozen chicken increased to about N33,000 from N23,500 in December last year, while a kilo goes for N3,400 as against N2,400 in the same period last year.

3. Tomatoes are pricey
A big basket of fresh tomatoes sells for N41,000 as against N16,000 last year in December, while a small basket sells for N18,000.

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4. ‘The Swallow’ alternative relief
The ‘swallows’ might be the alternative relief to save Nigerian pockets and Christmas. It’s cheaper, already popular in many Nigerian households and has been in the background ever since, providing a ‘second option’ on the menu during the Christmas season. Hopefully, it is stepping out of the shadows to win new converts.

The prices might have also been hit by inflation like the rest but are still cheaper; for example, a painting of Garri costs N1500, while 1 kg of Semovita costs 1200. If you like Pounded yam but do not have the time or energy to pound yam, a pack of poundo yam costs between N1,100 to N10,000. All these prices are still way below the price of a bag or half a bag of rice.

Other ingredients for the accompanying soup, like Palm oil, egusi, ugwu leaves, and chicken lap, can be bought for a minimum of between N900 to N1,500 for each item.

5. Pay the price of Detty December
Some Nigerians are hooked on the Jollof rice; it is like a drug for them during Christmas, and they will go the distance to ensure they enjoy the top menu on the yuletide list, even if they have to beg, steal or borrow. If you steal, you can get caught, if you borrow or beg, you put your self in debt. Like Superman comes to save the day, ‘swallow’ might be the ‘hero’ Nigerians need to survive without Jollof rice this Christmas.