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Netflix Reviews for Weekender week 39

The Killer

The Killer (2023)

The Killer
The Killer

When I found out the new movie The Killer was added I was super excited, I could predict I was in for a good time, if you are a great fan of John Wick, then search no further as this will make your weekend. Michael “The Killer” as he was called was one of the best assassins, he was sent on a mission where he missed the target, to clean up and finish the job, they had to take him out, but on getting home meant his woman and dealt with her badly leaving her almost dead. The killer is so pained and upset, he decides to go after every single one of them, from those who came to his house to the final boss who sent them, reminding them all that this isn’t personal at all, you have to pay full attention and listen to his work guidelines and principles. “Focus still, keep your inner voices, do not improvise, forget empathy, trust no one, fight only the battle you are paid to fight, breathe, calm and execute, this is what it takes to succeed” fantastic movie, a sure recommendation from me to the action movie fans out there. The 108m.action, adventure, crime movie based on a French story was directed by David Fincher they featured actors like Michael Fassvender, Tilda Swinton, Charles. Parnell, Arliss Howard, Kerry O’Malley, Sophie Charlotte, Emilia-Romagna Pernia, Gabriel Polanco and many more.

355 (2022)

355 2022 movie
The 355

I decided to go all out this weekend to check action movies as a super great fan; they really can’t go wrong in my eyes. This was another sweet action movie; Mace was a super-secret agent, who thought she had found love only to find out that she was being used. To retrieve a top secret weapon from the hands of the bad guys, she will have to work with the best across the globe to beat this guys, she had to merge forces with the outstanding German agent Marie, former MI6 agent Khadijah and skilled Colombian psychologist Graciela on this very difficult mission, where they have to kill to survive or get killed, travelling from Paris to Morrocco and across the globe, they find out that their every move has also being tracked by a Chinese lady Lin Mi Sheng, well go check it out to see how they triumphed in this fantastic action packed movie. The 122m Action, thriller movie was directed by Simon kinberg they featured great acts like Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Bungling Fan, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Sebastian Stan, Edgar Ramirez, Jason Flemyng and many more.

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Now you see me
Now you see me

Although this is an old movie I decided to watch it again and I saw it in a different light, as some scenes have eroded my memory. A group of 4 outstanding magicians and mind readers were perfectly handpicked and selected to put up the best magic show or appearance that ever existed, to the extent of using magic and teleporting skills to rob a bank in another country and share the loots to the crowd. The people loved them but they were constantly being trailed and chased by the police and a private investigator, who just wanted to expose them. Well do check it out and thank me later, as they were so good and were constantly ahead of the game. The movie was directed by Louis Leterrier, they featured acts like Jesse Eisenberg, Common, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrekson, Idla Fisher, Dale Franco, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and many more.