• Monday, May 20, 2024
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Inlaks Computers deploys ATMs, mobile banking solutions



Inlaks Computers Limited, one of the foremost ICT and Infrastructure solutions provider in West African region whose major clients are the financial institutions, is deploying e-banking infrastructure and solution with the highest security features to assist in the transformation of the financial services sector of the Nigerian economy.

These e-banking infrastructure and solution are ATMs and Temenos Arc Mobile (mobile banking solution) to enhance better return on investment in the sector.

Nautilus Hyosung is the fastest growing ATM brand being distributed and supported by Inlaks Computers in Nigeria with an installed base of 1,200 ATMs at First Bank, Stanbic IBTC, Heritage Bank, Union Bank, KeyStone, Unity Bank and Jaiz Bank.

Temenous ARC Mobile, on the other hand, offers a unique approach to mobile banking and m-commerce. It enables a bank to launch a secure, configurable application which is deployable over the air. It offers a highly scalable solution which can be extended to customers everywhere, regardless of location. Financial institutions such as banks are considered among the most secure institutions, yet they are continually plagued with multiple levels of financial fraud from external and internal sources.

Though the financial institutions are doing so much to cub fraud, this adds significantly to their cost of security installations. However, the highest level of financial fraud is committed via the use of internet. Thus, the ultimate security lies in the security features of the infrastructure and solutions that are deployed.

Inlaks is partnering Hyosung, a major leader in ATM Security solutions. Hyosung achieves this leadership position by safeguarding the future and integrity of the self-service channel through investing in new technologies, services and initiatives to stay ahead of organized ATM crimes which has become a fast target locally and globally. Some of these initiatives include physical ATM security. Brute force attacks on ATMs are widespread in Nigeria and as the types of attack change and the success rate is improving, cash losses in millions of Naira associated with physical attacks are increasing. Hyosung ATMs in Nigeria therefore come with broad selection of heavy-duty safes, external loud alarms, advanced locks, integrated cameras and monitoring equipment. Card fraud prevention initiative ensures Hyosung’s multi-layered approach to protecting cardholder data at the ATM in Nigeria.

It offers choice and flexibility in reducing risk and ranges from counter measures such as the Anti-skimming Device to jitter which are the new generation of active fraud prevention measures at the ATM’s card-reader.

These ATMs also come with fingerprint reader and PIN Shield for biometric authentication of customers and protection against shoulder surfing for PIN on the ATMs. Other features include ATM Security for Cardholder Authentication, ATM Security Software and Compliance which enables Hyosung ATMs to be easily integrated with any monitoring solutions to provide seamless data transfer for effective management of the self-service channels.

Hyosung features are superior and reliable performance with various functions including cash withdrawal and deposit. Its modular design guarantees convenient maintenance and unit replacement while its superior Cash Dispensing Unit reduces transaction time and minimises downtime.