• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Bulwark Services, ION/GX Technology unveil expansion plan


The leading technology-focused seismic solutions companies are seeking to expand their operation and increase contribution to Nigeria’s local content drive, amid continuing substantial investment in Nigeria.

ION/GX Technology Vice President, Mike Mellen who is visiting Nigeria with a host of other Bulwark/ION GX Technology top executives, told BusinessDay that there are a lot of activities going on here in Nigeria right now both in the industry in general and our company in particular, it is very exciting.

“In fact, we are discussing precisely how we will expand our Port Harcourt Advanced Imaging Center and increasing the contribution of local Nigerian content. We have been talking with various international oil companies on how best to expand the services we offer in Nigeria. Seismic data processing through depth imaging and beyond is Bulwark/ION’s core business.“

Bulwark Services has been in partnership with ION GX Technology for upwards of 8 years providing a range of services to the oil and gas industry for exploration, development and production projects.

Services offered include 2D/3D seismic data processing, 2C/4C OBC data processing, pre stack time and depth imaging, seismic reconstruction/vectorization, map (geological, geographical, topographic, engineering, survey and seismic line maps) and well log digitization and reservoir studies.

“We have a long-standing partnership with Bulwark and a great relationship with Lucky Awobasivwe, CEO Bulwark Services and his team. I am impressed with geophysical talent that Lucky has brought together. ” Mellen said.

“We know how important local content is for Nigeria. We have developed some local people to attain international quality geophysicists here in Nigeria,” Awobasivwe told BusinessDay, when responding to the success of the partnership.

“What we are working at is to ensure that the local content policy prevails. The training for that is in place in Houston, London, Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Lagos. These are very high technology level training events,” Awobasivwe said.