• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Vieella Realty establishes free academy for youth empowerment

Vivian Akidi

Vieella Realty and Investment Limited, a real estate development company renowned for its commitment to youth development and core values, recently launched a free complimentary online academy.

This initiative aims to educate and empower the burgeoning youth and millennial population in diverse fields, encompassing real estate sales, financial literacy, and technology.

The academy which commenced on February 10th, 2024 is poised to equip participants with valuable skills, grandaunts are issued certificates upon program completion.

Vivian Akidi, chief executive officer of Vieella Realty and Investment Limited, underscores the genesis of the Vieella Affiliate Program, driven by a fervent desire to contribute to national development through youth empowerment, specifically in contemporary skill development.

Akidi said: “Our vision for the Vieella Affiliate Program is strategically crafted to empower over 3,000 Nigerian youths and millennials every quarter. This involves providing them with exceptional skills and knowledge pertaining to the real estate and financial sectors, fostering their entrepreneurship journey or complementing their existing income as employees or students.”

Furthermore, Akidi Vivian emphasizes that the real estate industry is experiencing rapid growth in Nigeria, making it accessible for everyone to participate as an investor, sales executive, or through ownership.

She envisions creating great opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, millennials, and youths to augment their income by acquiring both hard and soft skills in technology, sales, finance, and real estate.

The goal is to nurture a business-oriented and innovative mindset among these individuals through comprehensive training and resources.

Vieella Realty and Investment Limited aspire to establish a tripartite value system centered on impeccable service delivery, integrity, and customer satisfaction. With a mission to render real estate investment worthwhile, the company aims to make property acquisition secure, affordable, and financially viable, thereby contributing to the growth and success of its clients.