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Soyode, pioneer founder of Black & Ethnic Satellite TV in Europe, bags double awards

Soyode, pioneer founder of Black & Ethnic Satellite TV in Europe, bags double awards

Alistair Soyode, a venerated figure in Nigeria’s landscape of pioneers and innovators, has been doubly awarded.

Soyode was bestowed with two prestigious awards by Euroknowledge and the International Peace & Governance Council in London.

The year 2023 witnessed the separate and individual ceremonies of both awards, traditionally held in prominent cities and nations, convened this time within central London, highlighting the exceptional accomplishments of the honoree.

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At the distinguished Euroknowledge Leadership and Philanthropy Forum 2023, hosted at the esteemed UK’s House of Lords, Soyode was recognised amongst individuals who have attained the pinnacle of life’s accomplishments and exhibited exceptional leadership qualities.

Quoting Peter Drucker’s profound words, “Leadership is doing the right things,” the event acknowledged Soyode’s exceptional skills, creativity, and unwavering commitment over the last two decades in the media sphere.

His visionary leadership at the helm of the first black and ethnic media television, BEN Television for the last few decades and (recently featured in a NETFLIX documentary on Afro-music), has significantly contributed to bridging cultural gaps, fostering unity among diverse nationalities, and attaining a lifetime achievement award in African, Black, and Ethnic media.

Soyode’s profound impact extends beyond the realm of media. His efforts have been instrumental in redefining the narrative of African and Caribbean communities, (by and large extends to Nigeria) not only in the United Kingdom and Europe but also globally. Through a myriad of impactful initiatives supporting minority societies, media ventures, and fostering economic growth, he has amplified the voice and representation of diaspora communities, notably chairing influential groups like the over 20-million-strong Nigerian Diaspora Organization (NIDO).

Reacting to the double recognition, he said: “I feel very humbled with these recognitions and grateful to my family, our teams, and partners for having the opportunity to contribute towards black and African issues globally.”

In addition to the Euroknowledge award, Mentoring Commandant, Soyode was presented with another prestigious accolade by the International Peace and Governance Council, a global Civil Society Organisation dedicated to advancing Peace, Good Governance, and Poverty Eradication as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

His dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment stand as an inspiration for individuals worldwide, driving positive change and fostering unity across diverse communities.

Soyode is the distinguished Pioneer Founder of BEN TELEVISION, the first Black and Ethnic Satellite television in Europe, and former global leader of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation NIDO.

A prominent figure in Nigeria’a cultural tapestry, he brings a wealth of experience as a former national and international leader, title holder, and international icon.

Soyode, an accomplished entrepreneur of African descent, has an extensive background spanning media, communications, leadership, sports, and politics. In the media realm, he has significantly shaped communication in black and ethnic communities, notably pioneering the first satellite television in Europe.

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Beyond media, Alistair’s entrepreneurial ventures showcase a diverse career, encompassing mentoring and advocacy in youth development, agriculture, real estate, sports, hospitality, and leadership management. His multifaceted contributions reflect a commitment to the development and progress of nationalities and communities.

Venturing into the public sector, Mentoring Cmdt Soyode has actively sought political offices in Nigeria, influencing diasporans and youths to engage in political participation and governance. His impactful activities in both business and leadership management underscore his dedication to societal advancement.

His global presence is marked by encounters with various world leaders, audiences with Presidents, and recognition from Royals.

He has received numerous awards for his exceptional contributions to the advancement of the black race and efforts in bridging societal gaps.