• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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QNET commits to empowering Nigerian youths through capacity building

QNET commits to empowering Nigerian youths through capacity building

QNET, a lifestyle, wellness and direct-selling company has pledged to continue to empower Nigerian youths by building capacity in entrepreneurship education and financial literacy.

The company pledged to continue to develop the capacity of its media partners in partnership with Transblue Nigeria Limited.

Speaking at a VCON 2024 Media Experience Sharing Webinar, Biram Fall, regional manager of QNET sub-Saharan Africa, said QNET will continue to support initiatives that are instrumental in connecting Nigerians to the Qnet global network and empowering the youth.

He promised the company will continue to sponsor journalists to witness firsthand the company’s dedication to product quality, ethical business practices and the empowerment of its AI network.

On the importance of the V Convention, an annual gathering of marketing professionals and experienced business leaders in Malaysia, Fall said the event shows the company’s unwavering commitment to empowering individuals with financial independence, and personal growth through its lifestyle and wellness product portfolio.

According to him, the VCON provides a platform for deepening product knowledge, engaging with experts and experiencing dynamic demonstrations.

He said attendees benefit from business-building sessions and gain insights from accomplished distributors solidifying QNETs global commitment to growth and learning in the network marketing community.

He said Transblue Nigeria Limited as the partner of QNET has provided superior customer service and logistics services to the Nigerian landscape.

Ajisafe Abiodun, chief executive officer of Transblue Nigeria Limited, QNET partner in Nigeria, said the direct selling business model adopted by QNET has enabled 1000s of people worldwide to become successful entrepreneurs.

Abiodun said that direct selling is not only a promising career option but also in route to economic empowerment, adding that the industry provides an appealing opportunity to launch a business with minimal capital or logistic challenges.

He however said that in Nigeria and many African countries the direct selling industry has garnered attention for the wrong reasons due to the prevalence of pyramid schemes and fraudulent practices, posing as legitimate direct selling companies.

“V Convention is a platform that plays a significant role in dispelling these misconceptions and direct selling that direct selling is a fraudulent practice. It emphasises the importance of ethical practices, networking, and beauty-sustainable businesses,” Abiodun said.

Royal Ibeh, an ICT reporter with Leadership Newspaper, and a 2024 VCON attendee said attending the conference in Malaysia opened her mind to the immense opportunities that QNET offers to thousands of entrepreneurs.

Ibeh urged Africans to see direct selling as an opportunity to transform their lives as well.

N’awankat Dariem, a correspondent with Voice of Nigeria and the 2023 VCON attendee said, it was her first time seeing over 12,000 entrepreneurs gather in one space with the same goal of getting empowered.

She lauded QNET for its strategic moves to empower young people, especially in Nigeria and Ghana.

Prince Osuagwu, ICT editor in Vanguard Newspaper and the 2022 VCON attendee, said Malaysia’s tourism and direct marketing industries hold lessons for Nigeria’s economy on the need to create value using human and material resources.