• Friday, July 12, 2024
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Nigeria can derive a lot of benefits from space economy – Uzodinma

Uzodinma hands over cargo airport tollgate to FAAN

Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma has said that the metamorphosis from analogue to digital economy has made it possible for Nigeria to grow its economy if the proper and needed attention should be paid to the digital age where space travel is pregnant with so many economic benefits.

The governor has therefore, suggested that Nigerian leaders and the critical stakeholders in the sector should not joke with space economy.

He insisted that as a person, he believed in it and would stop at nothing to support any collaboration in the area of Space Research.

Uzodinma made this known to some members of the National Space Research Development Agency (NASRDA) and Space Exploration and Research Agency (SERA) who paid him a visit in Owerri.

Stating further that they should count on the support of Imo State as well as the state’s partnership in the establishment of Space Research Centre for its economic benefits in Imo and Nigeria as a nation, the governor said: “The issue of Space Research is a serious business and should not be toyed with. It is estimated that soon there will be tourism in space and nations will want to share in the economy thereof.”

He noted that innovation and research had gone beyond discovery on earth, “as the planet, rather the world, has gone into research on how to help manage the space as a market for both the military and civilian alike.”

Uzodinma further said that the gains of space research and travels were for both private and public sectors and that “every conscious state or nation will like to participate and be part of the gains.”

He reiterated his belief that the National Space Research Development Agency has the mandate of the Federal Government to give opportunity for at least, two Nigerians to visit the space every year and would wish that an Imo citizen fits the mould.

The governor observed that while the older generation might not be interested in the unfolding dynamics in the new world of digital existence, “the younger ones, especially our students in mostly tertiary institutions, will be encouraged to develop interest and participate.”

He directed Johncliff Nwadike, commissioner for Education, and that of Science and Technology, to ensure that the visitors are introduced to the schools “so that the students will, on their own, show interest in astrology.”

Meanwhile, Ayantunji Benjamin Gbenro, director of Physical and Life Sciences of NASDRA and Martin Olumide Adepoju representing the Agency’s director general, said that they came to express their interest in establishing and domesticating the National Space Research Development Agency in Imo State.

Gbenro, who explained that the essence was to put Nigerians in the space, added that “we are looking at the bigger picture of Nigeria reaping in the space economy which has a lot of potential bigger than that of oil and gas. Again, the target is to make Nigeria to be the first Nation in Africa to send man to the space.”

He thanked the governor for quickly accepting to align his government with the project, accepting to receive them as well as discussing the issues, including signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU).