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Group calls for protection of girl-child, holds 2023 global reunion

Group calls for protection of girl-child, holds 2023 global reunion

Global President of the Methodist Girls’ High School Old Girls Association (MGHSOGA), Tilewa Amusu has advocated for the protection of the girl- child across the country.

Speaking at the 2023 MGHSOGA global reunion which held in Lagos, Amusu, a retired Major General, affirmed that such protection would in turn enable girls to contribute their quota to the nation’s development.

Lamenting the increased reported cases of gruesome killings of young women for ritual purposes, she appealed to female folk to be contented with what they have and be mindful of who they associate with.

On the MGHSOGA global reunion, she explained that the annual event aimed to bring togetherness among the members spread all over the world.

“Methodist Girls’ High School is the oldest girls’ secondary school in Nigeria, founded in 1879, we have members in the UK, US and other countries of the world. This is the 8th in its series and we have been able to impact the younger girls in the school by organising mentorship programmes for them and trainings for their teachers. We are always interested in how well the school is doing and that is part of giving back to our alma mater,’ she said.

Also speaking at the event, chairperson 2023 MGHSOGA global reunion planning committee, Sikuola Adewuyi said that the reunion which came under the theme, “Afro fusion,” also aimed to celebrate the African continent.

Explaining further, she said: “We want to celebrate our root, we are all Africans and we are celebrating Africa and our culture, we all appeared today in our adire or Ankara wears.”

However, she appealed to their old girls who are yet to identify with the association to do so, so as to celebrate more sisterhood and work together towards development of the association.

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Emphasising the importance of protection of the girl-child across the country, Adewuyi who joined Methodist Girls’’ High School in 1973 affirmed that no child has to go into a husband house, adding that every child should be given opportunity to do what she wants to do.

Comparing child’s training of today with that of yesteryears, she said: “The era of today is a lot different from our time, there is so much exposure now, social media and everything, in our own time, we were all sheltered and there was Godly fear, they must not hear at home that you have done this or you did that; today things have changed and I think is the duty of every woman once you have a child whether is your biological daughter or ward, you should take time and talk to them; let them know that there is time for everything.’’

On the other hand, she advised girls to study hard and ensure they establish themselves in to entrepreneurship, so as to make impact in the society.

In her words: “You can make impact in the society by establishing yourself and you can give back to the society, what we as old girls are enjoying today is because some women laboured for us, some of our teachers are still alive today and we are grateful to them because they took their time to teach us well, impact values that are still working for us today, so every woman owes it to her generation and other generations that are coming behind to make an impact and leave a legacy behind.”