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Boost for girl child education as Exam Padi bridges digital literacy gap

Boost for girl child education as Exam Padi bridges digital literacy gap

Determined to support the lifting of the girl child education in Nigeria, Exam Padi, a Windows and mobile-based learning application, has created a platform that mentors and levels the playing field for the girl child.

The mobile learning firm launched the ‘Empower Her’ initiative, which aims to foster academic excellence, ethical leadership, and digital literacy in Africa.

Speaking during the project’s inauguration held at Queen’s College, Yaba, Moses Imayi, founder/CEO of Skool Media, said the core reason for the ‘Empower Her’ initiative is to break down barriers that have held young girls back for too long.

He said through the initiative, the company aims to instil the values of ethical leadership, offer girls essential life skills, and create a platform for mentorship.

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“It’s about levelling the playing field and providing opportunities for these young minds to excel,” he said.

Imayi said the Exam Padi, is on a mission to reduce critical exam failure rates and instill ethical values in girl students.

“As part of this larger mission, ‘Empower Her’ was launched as a strategic collaboration with the accomplished Kenyan healthcare professional, Carol Banks. With over 16 years of experience in the field, Carol Banks brings a wealth of insights and leadership skills to the table, making her a key figure in this project,” he said.

Imayi said the initiative represents a significant stride towards empowering young girls, an often-underrepresented group in many parts of the world, to achieve their full potential.

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Also, Chinyere Okeke, vice principal of Administration at Queen’s College Yaba, said in a world where female empowerment and education are paramount, ‘Empower Her’ served as an ideal platform to motivate and mentor students.

Okeke said the initiative is about nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, instilling in them not just knowledge but also values of ethical leadership and the spirit of empowerment.

“We are grateful for the collaboration with Exam Padi and the opportunity to be part of an initiative that is shaping the future for our students and the girl child at large,” she said.

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Empower Her initiative was designed to be a celebration of young girls and a platform for fostering mentorship opportunities. Its goal is to inspire and equip the girl child with essential life skills, knowledge, and motivation needed to excel in various aspects of life, including healthcare and leadership.

It creates an opportunity for students to learn from seasoned professionals like Carol Banks. Her extensive experience and impressive track record serve as an inspiration, motivating young minds to reach for the stars.

These interactions create a unique and impactful learning experience for the students, showcasing the values of leadership, perseverance, and dedication.