• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Communication professionals chart path to halt cyber bullying in Nigeria

Communication professionals chart path to halt cyber bullying in Nigeria

Communication professionals in Nigeria recently converged to chart a new path to halt online bullying in commemoration of the 2024 Stop Cyber bullying Day.

Organised by 9mobile to deepen enlightenment on the digital space with the theme, ‘Cyberbullying vs Free Speech: The Reality, The Difference, and Our Responsibility.’

Held on X Space (formerly Twitter Space), the deliberation featured experts from the media, mental health, and legal sectors with insights on curbing, and the thin line between free speech and cyber bullying.

The conversations underscored the shared responsibility of individuals, corporations, and society in fostering a safe online environment.

The expert panel included: Nikki Laoye, a talented musician, radio host and entrepreneur; Precious Richard-Okon, Plus-size Lifestyle and Dance Content creator; Alice Okoro, Manager, Legal Services for 9mobile and Amara Ruth Esomchi, Certified Health Worker and Therapist.

Nikki Laoye, broadcaster, stated that being a radio host has opened her up to cyberbullying, and have learnt how to handle the situations online.

“I agree that people are free to express their opinions, but I know when to put a stop to insults and bullies when necessary,” she said.

Alice Okoro, legal practitioner, highlighted that the right to free speech and freedom of expression is often used as an excuse for cyber bullying.

“The Nigerian constitution grants us the right to talk freely, express our opinions, and disseminate information on the internet. However, there is no fundamental human right in the constitution that is absolute,” she stated.

Okoro further explained that there is major legislation to curb cyber bullying and stalking captured in the Cyber Crimes Act of 2015.

“Every right that is granted in the Constitution has limits, and free speech is limited in such a way that individuals are expected to express themselves without contravening any law or provision of the Constitution,” she said.

Chineze Amanfo, lead, Public Relations, 9mobile, emphasised the company’s commitment to promoting responsible online behaviour and the pivotal role of telcos in such endeavour.

“At 9mobile, we recognise our responsibility to promote causes that shape the digital landscape to ensure it is safe and conducive for all users.”

According to Amanfo, 9mobile is dedicated to creating platforms that encourage positive engagement and providing users with the tools and knowledge to navigate the internet safely.

“Our efforts extend beyond connectivity. 9mobile remains committed to leveraging its platform to foster an inclusive and respectful online community.”

Similarly, Precious Richard-Okon, plus-size lifestyle content creator and senior business executive, also shared her first-hand experience in the online space and tips on how to navigate effectively.