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Why Ghanaians make the best braids

Why Ghanaians make the best braids

Is it just a gift or talent or a deliberate skill acquired by Ghanaians? It is a fact that Ghanaians are known not just in Africa but globally for making unique and neat braids.

A recent visit by BDSunday to Barnes Road in Accra, Ghana showed very young ladies under 18 beckoning passers-by to come to make braids.

The unique braid styles made by these young ladies can compete with braids made anywhere else in the world.

You can create your style as it will be made for you, just the way you want it. The length, colours and designs are limitless.

“For us, I think it’s a gift and a skill acquired. Before we were born, our mothers made a living from being skilful with their hands. So, as children, we naturally learn from them and do better than they do in their time,” Patty, a Ghanaian hairdresser told BDSunday.

According to her, one of the easiest hand jobs to learn as a lady in Ghana is hairdressing because it is a profession that costs less and is accessible to everyone.

“Hairdressing has become like a skill passed on from one generation to another in Ghana. This is why you cannot get unique braids you get in Ghana anywhere else in the world,” Patty said.

Not only do Ghanaian braids come with so many style ideas in the Ghana braids category alone, but Ghana braids can also be installed in just two hours, depending on the intricacy of the style you choose.

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Ghana braids are obviously very similar to cornrows, but thanks to the added braiding hair, you can really play up and customize the shape, thickness, and colours to match your vibes.

There appears to be such a rich and beautiful cultural history of braiding that has been so diluted, Western culture has developed its own simplified take on Ghana braids.

Although both feed-in braids and Ghana braids are very similar in technique, Spicy and Trendy say that Ghana braids should end up looking thicker and fuller than feed-in braids. “What makes Ghana braids different is the substantial amount of hair added through the braid for volume,” Spicy and Trendy explains.

“Feed-in braids have hair added through the braid as well, but a stylist is able to manipulate it in a way where the braid stays the same size.” Another difference? “Hair is usually added for length with feed-in braids as opposed to volume with Ghana braids,” Spicy and Trendy.

Ghana braids, like any protective style, can damage your hair or scalp if done too tightly—but you can avoid it. Spicy and Trendy explain that although tension is needed for most cornrow styles, too much tension can do the opposite of a protective style, which is why it’s important to see a knowledgeable stylist and try to speak up if you feel pain during your braiding (easier said than done, right?).

Some of the top Ghana braid styles include Triangle-Parted Ghana Braids Style, Ghana Braids with Cuffs, Ghana Braids with Cornrows, Ghana Braids Bun with Loose Curls, Ghana Braids in a High Ponytail, Half-Up Ghana Braids Style and Half-Braid Half-Loose Style.