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Things in other nations that Nigeria must learn from

Things in other nations that Nigeria must learn from

Nigeria, the giant of Africa, due to its rich historical background and diversified lifestyle, Nigeria, the continent’s largest country, has emerged as a throbbing source of inspiration for travelers. Due to its massive cities, the nation has come to represent modern-day Africa. From its vibrant music and art scene and rich cultural heritage to its thrilling activities and delicious cuisine, it has everything a person could possibly desire. This does not imply that we are making many mistakes. We still need to work on a few things that individuals in other industrialized nations have mastered. In order for Nigeria to become a developed and well-established nation, it needs to address the following:

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Respect for traffic

There’s virtually nowhere in the world you couldn’t drive safely if you could drive in Nigeria. In addition to the sometimes intolerable road anger, there is also a lack of regard for other drivers. To guarantee better use of its roads and lessen needless traffic bottlenecks, Nigeria must learn to appreciate traffic.

Making use of trash cans

Nigeria appears to be a garbage country, including the roadways in Abuja, the capital. It is not customary to dispose of leftovers in trash cans. In the nation, there is almost nothing that you cannot find by the side of the road or on main thoroughfares. Certain habitats always become less appealing due to these litters.

Holiday period

Many Nigerians are incessant workers, therefore they don’t understand the concept of paid time off or vacation. The majority of Nigerians view public holidays as just another chance to increase their income, even when they are declared. Finland, Switzerland, the United States, and Germany are among the nations that have mandatory vacation time and paid time off. Nigeria must have a thorough understanding of the fact that vacation time boosts job productivity, as demonstrated by experts.

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No tolerance for noise

When it comes to noise in public spaces, not even law courts, libraries, or places of worship are exempt. If there is one positive culture that Nigerians should be taught, it is the idea that there should be zero tolerance for noise in public spaces. You might be surprised to learn that men in Nigeria tend to be worse offenders than women.


You may observe how things are when traveling to certain developed nations. Buses, taxis, and trains are not in a crazy rush. Regardless of the length of the line, nobody is attempting to cross it. Nigeria needs to practice what is known as civility in all facets of her activity.

Steady supply of energy

We are aware that Nigeria has many issues to address, but one of the most crucial is a reliable electricity source. Some places only have power for half the year; at the end of the month, they receive a hefty energy bill. Nigeria needs to figure out how to provide steady energy throughout the nation.

Tipping Customs

People who are ignorant of the conduct have connected certain tipping customs in Nigeria to bribery. Once a customer receives excellent service, most industrialized countries tip waiters, cab drivers, and other service staff. It expresses gratitude and support for future improvements in service. Nonetheless, if someone doesn’t want to tip someone, they shouldn’t beg to be paid.

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Put an end to corruption

While corruption exists elsewhere, it has reached pandemic proportions in Nigeria and requires immediate response, particularly in the public sector. Foreign investors might easily develop trust and earn respect from other countries if corruption was brought down to the bare minimum.