• Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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10 things Nigeria excels at that no other country can match

Ten things Nigeria excels at that no other country can match

Even though we are far from flawless, Nigeria, dubbed “the giant of Africa,” excels in some areas compared to other African nations or countries. Despite the fact that these are facts, Nigeria is actually far ahead of several other African nations. With our vibrant entertainment industry and the economy growth – (Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa), although facing some significant obstacles. Nigerians are unlike any other people in that there is a certain something about us that makes it hard to ignore; we are simultaneously vibrant and dramatic.

1. Traditional weddings

It’s rare that a week passes without someone holding a traditional wedding ceremony somewhere in Nigeria because if you turn thirty and you’re still single, the elders will harass you down the aisle. Weddings are a joyous occasion to showcase exquisite food, stunning attire, lively music, and dynamic dance routines in a vibrant, life-affirming display.

They are also a holy aspect of cultural life. There are almost 250 different ethnic groups, therefore depending on where you live, the ceremonies have different styles. You haven’t truly experienced Nigeria if you haven’t attended a traditional wedding.

2. Taking advantage of “go slows” (traffic jams)

On Nigeria’s roads, traffic jams, also referred to as “go slows,” are a common occurrence. Despite the fact that they may prolong your trip, they shouldn’t prevent you from finishing your daily shopping while relaxing in your car. Do you need some socks? You can get help from street sellers. If you’re looking for oil paintings, they also sell handkerchiefs, belts, books, newspapers, fruit, vegetables, sweets, and electrical goods.
Just roll down your window and give them a call.

3. Business development

Nigerians have a strong business culture. From technology to entertainment, we are used to coming up with innovative company concepts and establishing both small and large corporate entities. While we position ourselves for greater success, we bring a variety of viewpoints to Nigerian business practices and are skilled in interacting and building connections with investors and business partners both inside and outside of Nigeria. It makes sense that the nation is the economic powerhouse of Africa; it serves as a foundation for distinction and creativity in business.

4. Eating chicken to the bone

Speaking about food, Nigerians are masters at consuming chicken till it is falling apart.
It is insufficient to only consume the meat. We crack the bone, remove the marrow, then grind up what’s left until nearly nothing is visible.

You’ve not done it correctly if, at the conclusion of the meal, your chicken thigh can still be identified by forensics. Abeg, let’s end now!

5. Living life to its fullest

Nigerians’ lives may still be influenced by the past in terms of culture and customs, but many of them have accepted the present and have a carefree outlook on living life to the fullest. Nigerians are obsessed about technology, automobiles, parties, and networking because they know that life is only meant to be experienced once. Funeral services aren’t the end of the fun, either.

6. Nigerians get money doing everyday tasks

In the world, there is barely a niche where a Nigerian does not hold significant power and influence. Our successful story has always been built on the pursuit of excellence. Many Nigerians began their lives as nothing and rose to prominence in a variety of fields. We firmly adhere to the maxim, “No condition is permanent.” Let’s make a difference one day!

7. Real survivors

We’re everywhere: New York to London. We’re struggling to sell CDs on the streets of New York in order to send money home, as you can see. A Nigerian can survive almost anywhere in the world, even under the most difficult economic conditions. We are unique in Africa because of this one characteristic.

8. Hopefulness

Despite all of its political and economic issues, Nigerians continue to remain the most optimistic people in the world.
Opportunity does not knock on our door; rather, we must go for it with God’s assistance, who we all know is on our side.

There are signs of our positive attitude everywhere, It can be found in some billboards that promises driven business mentality, and the advertisements promising “a divine upgrade.” When we consider ourselves to be “temporarily embarrassed millionaires”.

9. Nollywood films

Only Hollywood and India’s Bollywood make more movies than Nigeria. Nollywood, the name for our film industry, is a huge industry that contributes to the country’s GDP, Nollywood is known for its subpar (albeit becoming better) production values, with mediocre movies being produced in less than two weeks. Notwithstanding, these narratives provide an engaging insight into Nigerian moral principles and intricate societal structures, compensating for their lack of complexity. An abundance of eye-bulging, shouty overacting is used to communicate stories about the supernatural, infidelity, and servant-master relationships.

The films are very popular throughout the rest of Africa, where spectators from more subdued cultures can enjoy Nigeria’s outrageousness via a virtual lens and even pick up some of our vernacular.

10. Work hard, play hard

Nigerians put in a lot of effort and playtime. Talk about Nigerians if you’re searching for folks who put in a lot of work yet never seem to feel discomfort. Our intelligence is what makes us so lovely. We are skilled at working efficiently and producing excellent outcomes by using shortcuts. You have probably heard a lot of myths about Nigerians, and when it comes to taking shortcuts, some of these tales are genuine. We enjoy working hard and fighting our way up.