• Friday, July 19, 2024
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Savage Xtra: Afrobeats artiste on the rise

Savage Xtra: Afrobeats artiste on the rise

In 2019 when Uche Barry Nwachukwu debuted in the Nigerian music scene, little was heard about him and his music style.

Today and five years down the line, Nwachukwu, who stages as Savage Xtra, has many ears listening to his music, amid some remarkable feats.

Guided by his passion for music and amazing creativity, the young talent has broken through challenges to make a mark in the burgeoning music industry, in just five years.

At present, he has two studio albums to his credit and has grown from being produced by record labels to producing his music by himself.

The UK-born up and coming musician, who grew up in Oyibo, River State, is the founder of Alta Confianza, a record label, which boasts a roster of talented artistes such as; Good Life, Moseric, Damascux, Phloryda, and Shunhybrid.

He is also the founder of ‘OY to the World’ Carnival, a free music festival showcasing the artistry and cultural heritage of Eastern Nigeria.

His breakthrough came after his debut album titled ‘The Road Business,’ which received critical acclaim, solidifying his place in the music industry and setting the stage for the ambitious and genre-defying second album.

Riding on the success of his first album, on June 8, 2024, Savage Xtra hosted a listening party for his second album ‘Young, Blessed and Dangerous’; a 14-track album that seamlessly blends elements of Afrobeat, R&B and hip-hop, showcasing his unique sound and lyrical prowess.

Reflecting back to his days of little beginning since 2019, the music artiste said, “It has been a long journey. So, if we are here right now, then trust me, we are almost done with what I am starting. I am going to the next level, trust me. It has been five years of consistency and I am still going. I don’t know if I look like someone that is tired, I don’t think I am tired yet”.

For, it is all about music and will continue to be all about music because that is where his fulfillment and joy come from.

“I got to that point in my life where I realised that the only time progress was happening was when I was trying to move with my music. If I try to move without my music, it doesn’t proceed. Immediately I put music into the movement, things pick up,” he confessed.

The self-confessed Afrobeats artiste said that he prefers the genre because it enables him to tell his story in a very ‘Naija’ way.

Most importantly, he sees himself at the top of the music business, insisting that he wants to be that artiste anybody can call and reach out to.

“I want to be that artiste who is accessible with his craft. I don’t want to be moving sideways with my crafts in the industry,” he said.

Savage Xtra, who also calls himself ‘Religious Fela’, noted that he is different from other artistes in many respects.

The artiste who enjoys his family support, with his mother being present at his second album listening party in Lagos, noted that his deal with music is for a lifetime.

While he hopes to keep making waves in the music scene, he hopes to manage other musicians if he ever stops being a musician. “I love the entertainment industry. If I were not doing music, I would do music management, especially for the artistes”.

Speaking on his second album, which he entitled ‘Dangerous’, reflecting on his gallant six feet look, he said that it is a 14-track album, seven of which are solo tracks, and the other seven with features from other artistes.

He expects greatness from the album, which represents a significant milestone in his evolving career and promises to redefine the Afrobeats genre.

Themes of empowerment, self-discovery, love, and resilience are intricately woven throughout the album, offering a rich and varied listening experience.

“This album reflects my journey and the experiences that have shaped me. I wanted to create music that resonates with people from all walks of life and inspires them to embrace their power and potential. I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved and cannot wait for everyone to hear it,” Savage Xtra said.

Though an up and coming artiste, Savage Xtra sees no limitation to stardom, rather he has carved a niche for himself in the very completive Nigerian music scene.

“Religious Fela’ is spiritual. Religious Fela is hard working. Religious Fela is real. My music is original, you know, and I am not looking to copy anybody, I am trying to come with my own style,” he concluded.