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Prevail: Faith-based movie you need to see

Prevail: Faith-based movie you need to see

On Ma y 7, 2021, movie lovers and the Nigerian cinema market witnessed the premiere of a different movie genre, yet enthralling.

It was all excitement for moviegoers at Filmhouse Cinemas, Lekki, where the movie premiered.

Prevail is a faith-based movie and the debut project of Kingsview, a new movie streaming platform.

Written by Saviour Kings Bob, directed by Umanu Ojochenemi Elijah, and produced by Darlington Abuda, the new Nollywood flick features top movie stars including; Linda Osifo, Mary Lazarus, Ray Madu among others.

The movie follows the life of Tracy Williams, the lead actor (Linda Osifo), a young girl, whose parents died when she was 10 years old. Thereafter, she is exposed to the harsh reality of life and runs with an armed robbery gang. Dr Lanre, a devout Christian and the best surgeon in a private hospital, offers to help her out of distress, but unknowingly ropes himself into an uncomfortable situation.

The movie is full of intrigues and real life experiences that viewers can easily relate with.

Explaining the rationale for the movie and why it is a must- watch, Darlington Abuda, producer of the flick, said, “The movie is aimed to communicate the heart of God using the medium of entertainment. No matter the difficulties that people go through in life God still loves and cares for us.”

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Though the movie is acted from the Christian perspective, its moral teaching enjoins people to show love and care for one another irrespective of their religious affiliation.

Abudu admonished Christians to live exemplary life of Christ that leads to salvation and that Christians should be the Bible that the world reads for positive change.

“I believe the story of the movie will communicate the message to every living soul including the atheists. For instance, the lady who acted as a criminal might not believe in God but through the righteous life of a Christian she repented from her crime.”

Commenting on the movie, Linda Osifo, the lead actor, noted that Prevail is a transformative movie that can change people from their worst condition into a better life because of the divine message of love and care it preaches.

She said she loved the movie more than any other films she had acted in because it is faith- based with the ability to convert non- believers to Christians for salvation.

Also, introducing the platform, Deola Gbadebo, a member of the management team of Kingsview, said that the new streaming platform is borne of the need to give hope and communicate faith to people. According to him, “In today’s world, the media is powerful and we have a lot of people who are influenced and impacted by the media, so Kingsview aims to key into the trend to play its role in shaping people’s opinion.

“We want to let people know that we live in an environment which can be negative sometimes, but through the media we think we can communicate faith and have the young people believe more in themselves and believe more in their country. So kingsview is about promoting a positive mindset and also encouraging our own and letting people know that they can be more than their environment limits them to be,” he said.

According to him, deploying cutting edge technology, Kingsview boasts of a broad repository of content.

“We believe so much in young people and we believe we can improve our country, communicate great ideals and then also we believe Nollywood has what it takes to rival the great movie industries out there. On Kingsview you will find very excellent content.

We are not going to cut corners with our content. We will be parading the best of Nollywood. Also we will promote positive values,” he added.

Kingsview, where the movie will exclusively stream is created by an arm of the Believers Love World Church (Christ Embassy).