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Ope froze, she thought she had lost her job

Ope froze, she thought she had lost her job

Opeoluwa Williams resigned in the US and came back to Nigeria. She was done working outside the country. Interestingly, she has always been a “Naija Girl” to the core but came back to Nigeria as a teenager and went back for school after which she got a job at a financial institution and was done working there after 4 years.

Her parents were not surprised she chose to come back. She had always loved staying in Nigeria and whenever she came home, she adjusted well. She spoke yoruba language fluently and had control over her American accent so no one could cheat her whenever she went to the market to shop for anything.

Ope was very smart but was somewhat mischievous. Her best friend Lola would always tell her she would one day get into trouble. “I am too smart to be caught my dear bestie” she responds, and they would both laugh it off.

Lola was glad Ope was back in Nigeria so they could spend more time together and not only during holidays only as they used to.

They were both involved in searching for a job for Ope and finally, she was called for an interview.

On the day of the interview, she was with 6 other people. The interview went well and she was invited for the final stage and luckily for her, she got the job.

There were different people employed for different positions but they all had to undergo training.

On the fourth day of the training, while seated, a six-foot dapper man walked into the room. He had that appearance which could make him stand out in the crowd. His hazel coloured eyes contrasted exceptionally with his caramel toned face. The smell of his cologne filled the air.

As he walked to the table in front, Ope muttered beneath her breath in Yoruba language “Kiniiii?” meaning “what is it?” For her, it was more like “What is the dapper package for? Isn’t it just to train us?”

He stopped for some seconds, did no look back but kept walking. “Phew! goodness, I thought he heard me…thank God he didn’t” Ope silently told herself.

He spoke on the vision of the company and their goals and encouraged everyone to see the dream and align with the vision of the organisation.

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While he walked out of the hall, he gave Ope a stare she did not understand. She became scared again, this time she was convinced he heard her.

She couldn’t wait to get home to tell her bestie what had happened. “Ha! Ope, but I always tell you to be careful. Something tells me he heard you.” Lola said. “Are you going to help me feel better or make matters worse?” Ope asked. “Well, I am sorry you feel this way, it is better you prepare for the worst. You honestly need to be careful Ope” Lola admonished.

Ope started work and in no time, a month passed by. She did her best to ensure that her path never crossed the man’s path. She was later to find out that he was the Managing Director of the company.

One day, her department got a memo that the MD wanted to see two people from her department. She felt she could escape from this, after all, there were other people in the department.

Few minutes after the two representatives went, one came back and said the MD asked that Ope be the second person.

She became jittery “It’s over Lola, my job is gone, the MD has just sent for me” She texted Lola. “Calm down, it may not be what you think, just comport yourself after all, you are not going to face him alone.” The texting was going on as she went and ended as she arrived at the MD’s door. She took a deep breath, knocked and went in.

She was offered a seat by her colleague. She ensured not to have a direct eye contact with her boss. Her guilty conscience wasn’t letting her have peace.

As they were done and both got up to leave, he asked Ope to stay behind.

She sat down, and with her head bowed, she looked like a puppy beaten by the rain.

“Kiniiiiii” The MD said, “Wasn’t that what you said? You thought I didn’t hear you?” “I am so sorry sir, I am so so sorry. Does that mean I have lost my job?” She asked.

He chose to digress “The American accent, how long where you in America?” he asked. “I was born there, came to Nigeria and went back sir” she responded.

“Relax. I do not bite. You do need to be careful though, you never know who is listening” He warned.

“My best friend has always warned me. I am so, so sorry sir”

“That’s fine, have a great day.”

She could not wait to get out of the office. Immediately she did, then came the sigh of relief as she closed the door behind her.

“Phew! Never again, Ope, you must never do this again” she told herself.

She couldn’t wait to get home to give Lola the full gist.

They both had a good laugh but not without Lola teasing Ope all the way, screaming “Kiniiiiii!!”