• Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Okadabooks for the Weekend featuring Strong Female Protagonists

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Dance with me by Tope Omotosho

Tomboy and makeup artist, Zainab Baruwa-Phillips, is head over heels in love with God. The only cloud is her busy past, which she is desperate to erase. However, she’ll learn that her past is a strength God is looking to use for His glory, should she let him. Read More

Pretend Engagement by Sophia Bernard

Growing up with brothers who constantly teased her about her body, and a mother who worried no man would ever want her, Callista Okoli has no real sense of self-worth. And thus lacking, she threw herself at ChukwudiUdolisa, even when he treated her no better than a passing pleasure.

Now, Chukwudi is coming home for the Christmas holidays, and Callista is desperate to prove she’s moved on after he left her more than a year ago. She finds a ‘pretend boyfriend‘ in her friend Mario, and together they set out to take the arrogant and self-important ChukwudiUdolisa down a peg, or two.

This kind of stunt never ends well, or will it this time? Find out here

Fine Wine by Emem Bassey

Sifon is a woman who knows exactly what she wants, especially in a man. In her 30s, she co-owns a haulage company and is in the process of expansion when Manny, the 51-year-old, sexy hotelier, walks into her life. It’s love at first sight for her, but it might take some work to convince the abrasive Manny that he’s the man of her dreams. Sifon’s success is dependent on a clause, read on to know what it is.