OkadaBooks for the Weekend Featuring Juliana James’ Memoir


They say that books are food to the mind. Spend your weekend feeding your mind with these glamorous books:

23 Shades of Becoming by Juliana James

This book entails the series of Julia’s past life experiences, growing up in a negative neighborhood. From being sexually abused at age 9 to having over 21 rape cases, she was scared to talk about it to people because of the threats and condemnation. After running away from home at age 15, she got engaged to a man at 16 who was twice her age and dealt with depression for over 5 years. With her new self-discovery and defined life’s purpose, Julia is fired up to unveil what’s on the other side of fear and help transform other lives through her story. Read it here

ENO-OBONG: The Story of a Deaf Child by Ubong James

Eno-Obong was born as a deaf child into a society where deaf people are being discriminated and abused. Eno-Obong’s Mother, Mrs. Obot in the hope for finding a cure to her daughter’s illness, learnt somethings that are true and positive about deafness, She learnt that the problem with deafness is the language barrier. As you engage yourself reading this wonderful book about persons with disability, be rest assured that you would have a wonderful time and adventure in learning about Eno-Obong’s Journey in Life. Read it here

Christmas in Nigeria by Zaccheus Onumba Dibiaezue Memorial Libraries

There is an old African saying that says, ‘wisdom does not reside in one head alone’. The same, it could be argued, is true of knowledge; and how much more so in these times of never-ending and ever-increasing avalanche, of digitally transmitted information. Christmas in Nigeria is a collection of short stories from around the nation. Read now

Thou Shalt Love
by Sianah Nalika DeShield

Susan and Mildred are reunited under the roof of their grandmother, Louise, where family and love always prosper. Yet, in their personal lives, Susan and Mildred find themselves unlucky in love time and again. Separately, they discover that keeping secrets from one another is a lonely journey, which ends in heartache. Only when they realize that they must face life’s challenges together do they see that they can survive, them against the world. Read now

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