• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Nojeem Muse interacts with humanity in Nature Sensation at Signature Beyond Art Gallery

Nojeem Muse interacts with humanity in Nature Sensation at Signature Beyond Art Gallery

Nature Sensation, an exhibition of paintings, has opened at Signature Beyond Art Gallery, a Ikoyi, Lagos. The exhibiting features paintings by Nojeem Muse, which connect him to his passion.

Muse’s paintings capture nature on canvas. His premium painting entails capturing nature on canvas that reflects on water, the sensation of the atmosphere, among others.

“I do painting by capturing life on canvas to reflect life on water and the beauty of the atmosphere. I document life on canvas through visual art”, Muse explained.

But what is Muse’s reason for exploring nature? “Water is life and plays indispensable role in the life of man.The human body requires adequate water to function properly. So, in my work, I try to connect water to man”, he explained further.

Muse’s works lament how people in the low estate of Lagos abuse the environment by blocking the channels of water with garbages, thereby obstructing waterflow when flood occurs.

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It took a period of two years for the artist to finish a total of 17 works for the exhibition, with some of the works taking him two to three months.

Some of Muse’s works include: “Time Value”, “Orange Set Out”, “Lagos Cityscape”, “Rural Estate”, “Brighter Days Ahead”, “The Dream”, “The Wind and The Light” and “Bananas” and are all oil on canvas paintings.

Muse, a graduate of. Federal College of Education, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, claimed that he had no mentors to give credit to.

“I don’t have mentors. I paint naturally. I started art by reading foreign books on art, and while in school I hardly attended classes because I would paint naturally. I told my lecturers that my painting is unique from the classroom works”.

Muse recalled that his parents wanted him to become a lawyer or an architect, but his strong passion for drawing made his father have a rethink about his art career ambition. His appearance on a television art interview convinced his parents that art is acrually his calling.

Muse, who is also an Islamic cleric (Imam), said he makes a good living from art, as the job pays all his bills.