• Monday, July 22, 2024
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‘Muri & Ko’ rakes N66 million from ticket sales in 2 weeks


Inkblot Productions’ latest cinematic release, “Muri & Ko,” has stormed Nollywood with a remarkable N66 million in ticket sales, aiming to cross the N100 million mark soon.

Released on June 12, the movie capitalised on the Democracy Day holiday for maximum audience turnout.

Directed by Biodun Stephen and featuring stars like Kunle Remi and Bisola Aiyeola, “Muri & Ko” has captivated audiences with its compelling storyline, standout soundtrack, and stellar performances. Kunle Remi’s musical debut on Spotify with the viral track “Muri Picka” has further boosted the film’s appeal.

Viewers and critics alike are lauding the movie for its humorous dialogue and standout performances by the actors, including 10-year-old child actor Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga, who played one of the lead characters.

Also the social media buzz the movie has generated, not only highlights its immediate success but also underscores its potential for long-term impact in Nollywood’s competitive landscape.