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Meeting Dayo’s ex almost ruined Nifemi’s business opportunity

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Nifemi Harold is media consultant. Her level of professionalism is second to none. Once she got on any project, she delivered to perfection. In fact, it was during one of her presentations that she met Adedayo Benjamin.

He fell head over heels for her. She was stunning, articulate and very endearing. “I was ready to give it my all to get you, that was why I wasn’t ready to let you slip away” he once told Nifemi to which she responded “So, while everyone was listening attentively to my pitch, you were busy pitching me in your mind?” “I am sure the other gentlemen felt same but thank God I was the only bachelor among them, I won…checkmate” He bragged.

“Don’t be too confident Dayo, I may just change my mind” she threatened to which he responded, “Too late my dear, long before Chanté Moore sang ‘love has taken over’, she had us in mind.”

Nifemi had to surrender to Dayo’s sweet mouth, she knew she couldn’t win this one.

Nifemi is known for her exceptional skills in securing business deals and helping companies thrive. Her engagement to Dayo was a beautiful one, and they were eagerly looking forward to a bright future together.

One day, she got an exciting opportunity to negotiate a significant business deal with a prominent company with branches in 12 African countries. It was a big one for her. The deal had the potential to be a game-changer for both her career and the company she represented. Little did she know that this project would test not only her professional abilities, but also her personal life.

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As Nifemi began her preparations for the crucial meeting, she stumbled upon a shocking revelation. One of the signatories representing the company was none other than Dayo’s ex-girlfriend, Siju. Their relationship had ended on bitter terms, and Siju had not forgiven Dayo for the mistakes he made during their time together. She knew it was her because Dayo had told her about Siju and had also shown her Siju’s picture.

Siju also knew Nifemi was Dayo’s fiance because their pictures were everywhere on social media, so it wasn’t a hidden thing.

Nifemi was taken aback by this unexpected twist of fate. She knew that the success of the deal hinged on building a positive working relationship with Siju. Nifemi had always prided herself on maintaining a high level of professionalism, but this situation put her in an incredibly challenging position.

Overwhelmed by conflicting emotions, she had to tell Dayo about it. He felt bad that he was responsible for the situation she was in. They shared their concerns and Dayo reassured Nifemi of his love and commitment. He apologised for his past mistakes and expressed remorse for hurting Siju. He assured Nifemi that he had learnt from his past and had become a better person.

“Dayo, I love and trust you. I have no problem with you, it’s just that this is a very delicate case. I respect Siju’s feeling of being hurt but what am I going to do now?”

He gave her a warm hug and told her everything was going to be alright.

Nifemi knew she had to go over this ‘mountain’. She summoned her determination and professionalism. She knew that the success of the business deal depended on her ability to separate personal and professional matters. She made a conscious effort to focus solely on the task at hand and approach Siju with respect and integrity.

On the day of the meeting, Nifemi presented her proposal to the company with confidence and eloquence. She showcased her expertise and demonstrated the immense value her company could bring to the table. Despite the underlying tension, Nifemi managed to maintain a pleasant and composed demeanor, treating Siju with the utmost professionalism.

To Nifemi’s relief, Siju acknowledged her efforts and reciprocated the professionalism. She recognised Nifemi’s capabilities and the potential benefits of the proposed business deal.

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Siju realized that holding a grudge against Dayo should not hinder the progress of her fellow woman’s company. She admired Nifemi’s maturity and dedication to her work.

Impressed by Nifemi’s abilities and the potential of the partnership, the company agreed to move forward with the deal. The negotiations were successful, and Nifemi’s company secured the deal.

Nifemi’s experience taught her the importance of trust, forgiveness, and separating personal and professional matters. She realized that while the past may shape people, it should not define them. Her relationship with Dayo grew stronger, with a renewed sense of openness and understanding.

As the years went by, Nifemi continued to excel in her career, securing many more successful deals. She became a respected figure in the business world, known for her professionalism and ability to navigate challenging situations. She and Dayo eventually tied the knot.