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Meet Elvis Alvin, show promoter and skit maker

Meet Elvis Alvin, show promoter and skit maker

Elvis Alvin Ose is an actor and a show promoter and has featured in notable movies, comedy series, and skits. He began comedy acts several years back while in the university and got his big audition in 2022, since then, he has been on his production.

He was inspired to go into acting owing to a personal desire to help create an avenue for people to still be happy and relaxed despite the challenges they may be passing through.

“I enjoy being an actor and nothing gives me more joy than creating an avenue for people to come and enjoy their hard-earned money. That’s why I create shows like comedy shows, house parties, pool parties, and club parties,” he says.

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“Being a show promoter means everything to me, I enjoy my job so this is what makes sir rich,” he adds.

Also, Elvin was inspired by Ehimwenma Maxwell, chief executive officer of Slize Entertainment. “I have him to thank for taking me to the film resort and Nosa Rex. These were my big motivators.

Speaking on some of the notable roles he had featured, Elvis says he has acted in multiple roles. He notes that playing the role of Juda – community CDA personnel in a movie produced by Slize Entertainment titled Ogunmen, was quite challenging.

According to him, the Juda character was more of a rugged and brutal person, as his responsibility was to carry out the deeds of Obas.

“Well, it’s an interesting movie that I continue to watch, even to this day.” “There is so much I can count on, I have appeared in Nollywood movies like Black Cat and I have worked with several actors and actresses in terms of being futures in Mad Neighbors, Wahala Room Service, and Trouble Makers among others,” he says.

Elvin notes that he has also ventured into the real estate industry when he worked as an agent for Reanwa Estate Building, based in Lagos. “In my free time, I do estate research and get clients to buy properties like land and houses, so far from 2022 till now I have sold more than 40 lands and 20 houses.

“So, real estate is still my thing and I have time for it when I am not on set.”

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In defining his style, he says it is top-notch, adding that he wears whatever fits him best and usually dresses in a way that draws compliments.

On his favourite fashion piece, he states that he loves wearing corporate dresses, but the entertainment industry has made him do more jeans and tops.

On some of the challenges confronting his career, he says the journey has not been easy, but “I feel I have guidance and God keeps pushing me.