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Kiddies Corner on OkadaBooks!

We all know how much the Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone and everything around the world, but almost no one talks about how much these changes have affected school children. With the pandemic still increasing here in Nigeria, and many schools being unable to open their doors or teach online, it’s important, now more than ever, to keep kids reading to help them stay sharp. 

KIDDIES CORNER on OkadaBooks! A bookshelf filled with books for children of all ages and interests to help them stay sharp and occupied at home. Here are some of the educational, yet entertaining books they’ll be reading:

Boom Boom by Jude Idada

Osaik is an eight-year-old boy with an unusual ability to hear things no one else can. His world is thrown into disarray when a debilitating disease takes his mother from him. Despite his grief, he has to find a way of saving his little sister, Eghe, from the same disease. Alongside his dad, and Kompa his dog, they begin a race against time to get her all the help she needs. READ MORE.

The Happiest Nigerian Kid by Ugochukwu Chinye-Ikejiunor

9-year-old Kamfe has an idea that can eradicate unemployment in the near future and make the next generation of Nigerian kids and youths truly happy.

‘The Happiest Nigerian Kid’ is an inspirational book for kids. It awakens the discovery of creative ingenuity in every child, and enlightens them and their parents about children’s entrepreneurship mindset’. READ MORE.

The Chronic School Hater by Ngozi Ilondu

If you have ever written an exam you hated, slept in class, got called stupid, or especially if, like a lot of us out there, you are a Chronic School Hater, you will enjoy this hilarious but practical book on redefining learning. The Chronic school hater is a book that helps teens find learning’s happy place for themselves instead of waiting for educational reforms. READ MORE.

Afro: The Girl With the Magic Hair by Okechukwu Ofili (and illustrated by Sharee Miller)

When the people of Yackiland run out of Kanek weaves, the kingdom is thrown into chaos. Ruled by an evil, straight hair-obsessed queen for so many years, the people of Yackiland have forgotten how to grow their own hair. It is up to Afro, the girl with the magical hair, to save the kingdom. But the queen has plans of her own… READ MORE

Aníké Eleko by Sandra Joubead (and illustrated by Àlàbá Ònájìn)

Aníké has to hawk èko every morning but that does not stop her from going to school. She loves school and wants to be a doctor. However, her mother has decided her fate: once she finishes primary school, she will join her Aunt Remí in the city as a tailor.

When a mystery guest visits Àníké’s school, she has the chance to win a scholarship that will change her fate. Will the help of her friends Oge, Ìlérí and Àríyo the cobbler be enough? READ MORE


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