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‘Jagun Jagun’ makes Netflix’s top 10 in 18 countries, firm honours casts

‘Jagun Jagun’: Makes Netflix top-10 in 18 countries, firm honours casts

Released just a fortnight ago, the star-studded movie “Jagun Jagun” has achieved a remarkable feat, climbing to the top 10 trending movies on Netflix in more than eighteen countries, including Nigeria, USA, U.K., Libya, and Canada. This achievement marks a historic milestone for a Yoruba-language Nollywood film.

“Jagun Jagun,” with a rating of 3.6/10 on IMDB, is a movie set in pre-colonial Nigeria that follows the story of a feared warlord named Ogunjimi. His authority is challenged when a young man named Gbotija arrives, revealing Ogunjimi’s insecurities about losing power. The movie portrays the training of young warriors and their battles, highlighting themes of leadership, loyalty, and conflict.

Despite facing challenges during production, including land disputes and financial constraints, Femi Adebayo Salami, the filmmaker, was determined to convey a meaningful message through the film.

The movie delves into themes of power dynamics, courage, and betrayal in the context of ancient Nigeria. Faced with obstacles such as land ownership disputes, during the creation of a warrior school set, commitment and willingness to sell his properties to fund the project, Adebayo’s determination to overcome challenges exemplifies his dedication to his artistic vision.

In the bid to commend this achievement in Nollywood, Veritasi Homes, a real estate firm, recently hosted the cast and crew of the highly acclaimed Yoruba movie “Jagun Jagun” at an indoor event in Lagos.

Themed ‘Meet-the-Stars,’ the event brought together notable casts such as Femi Adebayo, the producer who portrayed the formidable warrior Ogundiji; Fathia Balogun, who portrayed Ogundiji’s wife; Ibrahim Yekini Itele, the compelling Gbogunmi known for his warrior spirit; and Bimbo Ademoye, a beloved fan-favourite who depicted Gbogunmi’s wife.

Nola Adetola, the Chief Executive Officer of Veritasi Homes, took the stage to shed light on the innovative strides and progress that have come to define the Nollywood industry in recent years. “Movies like Jagun Jagun,” he said, “keep raising the bar for excellence in Africa, and it is for this purpose we thought it necessary to celebrate such extraordinary storytelling and breathtaking performance.

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“As a brand committed to excellence, Veritasi Homes is passionate about creative endeavours, be it in architecture, art, music, or entertainment. These ventures continually push the boundaries of what’s possible and effectively narrate our African stories.”

Adetola continued by lauding the Nigerian movie and entertainment sector for its growth, highlighting its recent standing as the world’s second-largest film industry by output, producing over 2,500 movies annually. He credited influential productions like “Jagun Jagun” for consistently raising the standards of excellence in African storytelling and performance arts.

The event extended beyond a mere gathering, as the cast was honoured for their exceptional roles and contributions to “Jagun Jagun” with an ‘Award of Excellence.’ While presenting the awards, Tobi Yusuf, Veritasi Homes’ Head of Marketing and Communications, encouraged Femi Adebayo, the producer and other cast to persistently elevate the benchmarks of excellence and to never settle for the ordinary.