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I bring joy to people with my music and performances

I bring joy to people with my music and performances

Kanwulia is a Nigerian-American multifaceted creative with roots in R&B, afrobeats, pop and jazz. The music sensation, and graduate from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, who shuttles between Nigeria and the United States of America, is storming Nigeria on a tour and also to release her latest album. In this interview, she speaks to Obinna Emelike on her music, tour, life and album.

You are simply described as a Nigerian-American sensation. Who really are you and what is your genre of music?

I am a twenty-something year-old with a lot to say and a lot to do. My name ‘Kanwulia’ is Delta Igbo and it means “lets rejoice”. So, with my music and performances, I am trying to bring joy into people’s lives. As far as genre, I am a multifaceted creative with roots in R&B, afrobeats, pop and jazz.

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You shuttle between Nigeria and America. Why and how has that impacted your music?

I am a sponge when it comes to my environment and the things I see and hear. So, constantly moving back and forth, especially as a child, inspired my music so much. I experiment all the time with different sounds because I hear things differently. It shows up in my music all the time.

How has the acceptance of your music been by fans in the two countries?

It has been pretty well received. I am grateful to the fans that stream my music everyday and I look forward to gaining a few more new fans soon.

What is your ‘Amerikana’ album all about and why are you releasing it in Nigeria?

Amerikana was born from my upbringing in Lagos. For the longest time I would get teased at school and they would call me “amerikana” because my accent was different and the food my mother put in my lunch box was different. But when I got to secondary school, I started to own it and not let the insults hurt me anymore. Then came the expression through music and that is how this album came about. Nigeria is home, why wouldn’t I release it here?

Is the album your first and any singles?

No, this is not my first project and full body of work. I have been doing this for over a decade and my catalog is available on all streaming platforms.

You also plan a city tour while in Nigeria. Why and where are you touring?

The tour date and venues will be announced soon.

Why do you also tag the city tour ‘Who’s That Girl’?

Well, all of that credit goes to my amazing team members. They worked very hard to put something together that embodies who I am. The hook of my song ‘Ego’ is “who’s that girl with too much sauce?” We snagged the idea from that song with the understanding that based on my music, people will soon be asking, if they haven’t started already “Who’s that girl?”

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What part is Inspiro Production playing in your Nigerian visit?

Inspiro Productions is part of my management team, alongside Volkano Productions.

Are you limiting your visit to Lagos?

I hope not.

When are we expecting a new album and another visit to Nigeria?

I come home often so it won’t be too long and I am really excited to share what I have been working with you all. That will be very soon.