• Monday, June 24, 2024
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How to engage social media to meet a partner

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By Nike Folagbade

As a single person, your online profile matters a lot.

During one of my programmes for singles, I decided to browse through the profiles of some of our dear singles, and I must admit, I was appalled.

The days when you easily meet people on the street and at events are long gone. Nowadays, people can’t be bothered about offering simple greetings to those around them, as everyone seems so engrossed with their phones—it’s quite a concerning trend, but then…

Amidst the social change caused by the digital age, it is crucial to establish an online presence that makes it easy for people to connect with you. Many spouses met each other online, you know?

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If you’re truly available to connect with people online, you should:

1. Ensure your profile picture is beautiful, even if it means using a professionally taken photo. This isn’t about being fake, but about presenting your best self. Why use pictures of yourself in unsightly settings like a dirty market, or a nightclub, or worse your family member’s or a child’s image? Why?

2. Present your profile in a way that describes who you are in a summary. What do you do? What are your interests? What are your accomplishments? These are the details that should grace your ‘About Me’ section.

3. Share meaningful content. Why permit others to tag you in every random post? Edit your settings to approve tags on your page. Then, why limit to sharing only links to your daily morning prayer? Is the world out of other forms of content? Your first 10 posts says a lot about your intentionality—why leave it to chance? Oh! You’re thinking of what to write. Share your thoughts on issues dear to your heart. What are your values? What are you working on? Where are your favorite spots? Even if you’re naturally private, take the proactive step of being more accessible.

4. When commenting on people’s posts, do so in a way that showcases your intelligence. It’s amazing how some comments come across. Your comments should depict honour, even when you don’t agree. Engage meaningfully and position yourself effectively.

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5. If you develop an interest in someone, send a message but avoid shallow interactions. Why begin a conversation with endearment words like ‘hello dear,’ ‘babe,’ ‘love,’ and similar words, for a stranger? It’s not right! Instead, introduce yourself clearly, and find a connecting ground, perhaps based on a post you shared or by offering a sincere compliment. To make it easier, initiate conversations by engaging via posts before heading to DMs.

These 5 practices can truly change how you connect with people online. There’s no need to resort to copying and pasting content from Google to make a point—just be yourself. Come out of your comfort zone and contribute value.

I hope these insights help you.