• Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Social media menace in relation to academic performance of students


In this age of civilization, the world has become a global village, where information is no longer secret to the society.

It is of utmost important to consider the high rate of influence of social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the rest) where anybody can just come online and claim to be an influencer, influencing the student either positively or negatively.

Gone are the days whereby before information is shared to the public, there will be proper scrutiny of its impact on the society.

In this era, students have been misled by the content of information passed across to them on social media through some immature influencers.

A lot of students no longer crave to buy textbooks to read and study, they no longer crave to listen,watch and read the traditional media (Radio, Television and Newspaper) the truth is that, social media has its good and positive impact, but due to the nonregulation of it by the government, most students have been terribly misled.

I derived my first income as an undergraduate while defending my project through social media.

As a student, you need to know why you are going online, it must be for a purpose, who are your target audience? Who are your followers and Who are you following ? Who you follow will determine what follows you as stated by my mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo. If you follow a brilliant and God-fearing coach or influencers you will end up being the same, vice versa.

The level and content of information you derive from social media as a student, will culminate into the resuscitation of your mind.

From my research and observations over the years I realised that many students and other people are being enticed by the frivolity of the internet.

The truth is that nobody will mostly post the negative aspects of their lives on Social media; it is either they post a good aspect of their lives or cook a fake life.

Who you chat with will chart your course in life.

As a student follow your lecturer on social media and as a lecturer create a lecture room beyond the four walls of academic classroom.

The question is, are students going to the library to read and study or for other purposes? Powerful information can never be found on social media, it’s wrapped in books. Don’t let anybody deceive you, only nuggets and tips of the content of the books can be found on social media.

Student prefer to go on a generator just to charge their gadgets (iPhone, Samsung, Android, PC ) in order to be online while some of them may be dull in their academic performance due to non-charging or equipping of their mind with adequate information.

Information is the currency of destiny, if you are not informed you will be deformed; good information culminate in the emancipation of your mind from mental slavery.

It was projected that World War III may start from the social media.

There is the need for proper regulation of information on social media by the Ministry of Communication and Technology.

The government, through its agency must create a code of conduct, truly there is freedom of information, but freedom of information can be restricted if the information being passed across are dogmatic and misleading

If only you can crave for diviine inspiration you will be emancipated from mental slavery. Have no fear of any examination.

The truth is that, as a student you have no genuine reason to fail any examination, ask me why.
The reason is that any reasonable examiner will only ask you what is expected of you to know.

It is what is being treated in the classroom or lecture room that will be asked by the examiner.

It will be an aberration if a lecturer asks a 100 Level student question about 200, 300 and 400 Level.

The guide to the success of my academic journey was that I was inspired by God for a creative memory, because atimes topics that were not treated in the classroom might be asked by the examiner and it’s a must for me to answer.

I told God to grant unto me creative memory.

As a student crave for creative memory, retentive memory and divine inspiration.

The inspiration of God births understanding.

One of the APPs you need to have in your phone as a student is WPS Office whereby you download E-Books and you read and study them.
I was so surprised when I asked an undergraduate if he has WPS Office and he said no.

As a student, crave for creative memory, retentive memory and divine inspiration from God Almighty and he shall deliver it unto you.

.Akingbohungbe, author, Leadership and Government consultant, writes from Ogun State ([email protected])