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How Nigeria can turn arts into multi-billion-naira industry- Patrons MCAA

How Nigeria can turn arts into multi-billion-naira industry- Patrons MCAA

Peter Imo, a co-director of Patrons MCAA, has outlined steps that should be taken by Nigeria to turn its arts sector into a multi-billion-naira industry.

Speaking during the announcement of the upcoming small & Iconic miniature exhibition billed to take place between September 30 and October 15, Imo said one step that should be taken by Africa’s most populous nation is to make the arts attractive to young and old.

He said that the step requires making annual budgetary allocations to the arts sector in order to make local works gain more international traction.

“Arts is not a sector for the government alone. There should be a concerted effort by all the stakeholders to make the industry attractive. One way we can do it is to begin to make budgetary allocations to support Nigerian arts.

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“For instance, getting Nigerian artworks and artists to participate in global exhibitions and events requires money. Several local artists also need money to produce artworks that will, in turn, bring revenue into the economy. They need that support to gain the needed global relevance,” he noted.

“However, other stakeholders must also invest in the sector,” he noted.

The arts industry in Kenya contributes five percent to the gross domestic product, while South Africa’s is around 15 percent. India’s arts and creative industries contribute 2.8 percent to the country’s GDP, while Nigeria only shares 0.21 percent.

Imo said this is not good enough, stressing that the country must now begin to provide incentives for investors.

“One of the 10 principles of economics is that people respond to incentives. Once we begin to provide incentives to local and foreign players willing to put their money into the arts sector, more will be encouraged to come in,” he noted.

He said that Patrons MCAA’s forthcoming exhibition, “5 in Focus”, is geared towards showcasing the potential in Nigerian and African arts industry.

Imo explained that the exhibition, which will take place at The Art Hotel in Lagos, is the fifth edition and will feature five artists from Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Cameroon and France.

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He disclosed that the artists will showcase five works of art each, making the exhibition competitive and exciting.

Imo described the forthcoming exhibition as an immersive showcase of boundless creativity.

“With great pride, we will present five exceptional artists from five diverse nations – Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, and France. This exhibition seamlessly weaves together cultures, styles, and perspectives to ignite a dynamic celebration of creativity. More than an exhibition, it’s an invitation to embrace the convergence of vision, variety, and vibrancy that only ‘V in Focus’ can offer,” he noted.

He listed the artists as Lambert Shumbusho (Rwanda/France), Abrifor Silas (Nigeria), Justine Gaga (Cameroon), O’Dare Adenuga (Nigeria), and Thabiso Dakamela (South Africa).