• Friday, July 19, 2024
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Former “Your View” TV host Osayuwamen Saleh launches WAYS

Osayuwamen Saleh, a former television co-host of popular talk show in Lagos “Your View” launched her new talk show called “What Are You Saying” (WAYS) on Sunday, December 1, 2019.
WAYS which is broadcasted by PlusTV Africa, a Nigerian 24-Hour news channel broadcasts  across Nigeria and  Africa is a talk show where discussions will be centred on providing real solutions to issues and challenges that Nigerians are currently facing, as well as Africa as a whole.
“I think for us the talk is not enough. That’s why we should have more people come together to find solutions to the many problems we face currently particularly the youth. When people say why WAYS I ask are the lives in Nigeria, improved? No .So this is definitely worth talking about,”
Our goal is to inspire, inform, influence thoughts and action. This set and everything here started with a vision, and the right partners came to bring it to life PlusTV gave us the platform and space to build this set, we are not where we want to be but this is a good starting point,” Saleh, the show creator said.
The talk show is also anchored by six notable and intellectual  women in the society such as Osayuwamen Saleh, the show creator and lead anchor, Mariam Bakre, a content creator, Olamide Onifade, Legal Pratictional, Ofodile Isibhakhomen, an Elocutionist,  Chinasa Ken- Ugwuh, a sustainability consultant and Sandra Eze, an actress.
According to Kayode Akintemi, MD, PlusTV Africa, when Saleh brought the idea and concept to them, they liked the idea but not the concept and so they decided to readapt and  recreate a concept that will sit well on thier news television station.
“The show is a newsy kind of thing with a lot of current affairs with conversions about things happening in our society today. Not evergreen stories or futuristic unless it has a news relevance. So it is a solution driven show, looking for solutions that worry people in Nigeria and across Africa as well,” Akintemi further said.
The one-hour show which is currently showing on PlusTV Africa via StarTimes dish platform on Friday-Sunday from 8-9pm on channels 308 and 528 is viewed in over 52 countries.
 Eze said, “I am excited to be part of this show because it is an avenue where women can have intellectual talks about what is going on in the country and not just salon gossip.”
With Nigeria being the most populated country in Africa and a middle income country,  it is still being faced with problems like corruption, poor human development, environment and health issues, inadequate infrastructure, education and business challenges to mention a few.