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Envoy Hotel still offers premium services

In March 2018, a new entrant debuted in the Nigerian hospitality market with a promise to make a difference, starting with its very exclusive location in the Central District Area of Abuja.

Before the unveiling, the area, which hosts many country embassies including; United States of America and the United Kingdom, had no hotel outfit due to security concern.

The promoters of the hotel saw the gap and decided to create a business environment that is closer to the diplomatic community and expatriates. That also informed the name, ‘Envoy’, which best describes the location and purpose of the property, as well as, recognising the hard work and journey travelled through the ages on the “Silk Road” in connecting the world.

The setting speaks volume of the exclusivity of the facilities, services and even the guests, especially the diplomatsand high-profile personalities, who now take advantage of the hotel’s meeting facilities.

It has also boosted accommodation offerings in Abuja with additional 59 rooms, which are stylish, modern, and exclusive. Furthermore, all rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art media and IPTV services along with modern, luxury living and bedding facilities fit for the VIP guest.

The boutique hotel is unique for taking advantage of the five human senses; smell, touch, sound, taste and sight to ensure that guests’ satisfaction is at the centre of it all. This implies that a culture of highly personalized service and attention to guests’ needs is in place and adhered to religiously by all hotel staff, including management.

The smell senses are tingled from a guest’s very first step into the hotel’s grand reception. The bespoke scent, infused through its scentillators and air conditioning systems is obvious; while soothing sounds from Latin and African artistes play in the background of the hotel. Taste comes in a wide spectrum of continental flavours for all palettes, from arrival treats, o d’oeuvres to fine dining with a sophisticated wine list in the restaurant, lounges and bars.

Relaxed touch is sustained with the throw pillows and the soft cuddly scatter cushions on the sofas and beds. The visuals come from the satisfying pieces of timeless luxury. From the hanging light fittings in the atrium, the litup global map accentuating the silk roads of old, and to the ancient story of the envoy aptly created on canvas in the lobby, the grandeur is obvious. Also, the chamberlain chairs in the lounge and waiting areas of the hotel all combined to tell the story of the upmarket, boutique, luxury lifestyle and trendy Envoy Hotel.

The uniqueness of the hotel is further heightened by its breathtaking furnishing and decor that speaks to the hotel’s natural exclusivity. Going by the splendor and the very indulging ambiance of the hotel, it is obvious, that The Envoy Hotel is set to create a lasting emotion long after guests have departed.

A view from the exterior reveals a building that stands out during the day and radiates astonishingly at night. A unique feature of the hotel is its approach to hospitality technology. The hotel parades; hi-tech AV equipment that includes the use of ipads in the conference room, IPTV in rooms that allow for the communication of guests with the front desk, other key areas within the hotel and information about the local area, among others. Therefore, there is no need for the old-fashioned Guest Service Directory, as fast optic fibre wi-fi (first in Abuja hotels) is in place throughout the premises.

Furthermore, The Envoy Hotel sets a new standard in safety and security for hotel guests, with multi-layer security concept specifically designed for sophisticated travelers. Further to its infrastructure and installations, security is independently audited, a global security certification company was brought in at construction level and provided recommendations regarding security issues, that were taken into consideration when the hotel was constructed, thus resulting in the hotel being the first and only facility in Nigeria to be awarded a Level 2 Plus Global Lighthouse Certification in Security.

With that, The Envoy Hotel can indeed be described as the most secure hotel in Abuja.

Finally but not the least, Envoy Hotel is unique because of its managers who are known for exceptional service delivery across the many markets they operate. The hotel is part of the Mantis Collection and Mantis is happy to make its first foot print outside Lagos in creating an exclusive, conducive and secure environment for prestigious guests to meet and do business devoid of fear or risk of movement.

Beyond delivering on services and facilities, Mantis is assuring that at The Envoy, guests are close to home, especially from March 2018 when it officially opens its doors to the public.

With all these going for it, The Envoy Hotel has, in less than three years of its operation, set a new benchmark in Abuja with regards to hospitality standards, product quality and service fit for royalty.

Well, ease of the lockdown, travel restrictions and resumption of domestic flights, the hotel awaits guests amid compliance to strict health and safety protocols.

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