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Eight unforgettable movies Amaechi Muonagor would be remembered for


The Nollywood actor, Amaechi Muonagor, who died on Sunday, after suffering from kidney-related issues, diabetes, and stroke, has graced the screens with his remarkable presence and outstanding performances for decades.

With his versatility and talent, he has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian film industry.

See eight unforgettable movies in which he has showcased his exceptional acting prowess.

Karishika (1996): In this horror classic, Muonagor’s performance added depth to a chilling tale of supernatural vengeance, leaving audiences spellbound.

Living in Bondage (1992): Although a groundbreaking film for Nollywood itself, Muonagor’s role further cemented his reputation as a force in the acting world.

Ukwa (2001): Muonagor stars alongside Nkem Owoh. Muonagor’s portrayal of Mr. Onuoha, a wealthy and eccentric man who encounters various misadventures, brings humor and charm to the film, making it a beloved classic among Nigerian comedy enthusiasts.

Aki na Ukwa (2003): A film that brought laughter to countless faces, featuring Muonagor in a memorable role that further showcased his comedic talents.

Issakaba (2001): Muonagor featured in the first part of this action-packed narrative, highlighting themes of justice and community vigilance, his performance adding gravitas to the film’s impactful message.

Aki and PawPaw (2021): Demonstrating his timeless appeal and adaptability, Muonagor’s participation in this recent remake connected him with a new generation of Nollywood fans, bridging the gap between the industry’s past and present.

Some other movies the late actor starred in are

The Last Burial, 2000

2 Rats, 2003